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Pre- I, BODYBUILDER Workouts


In anticipation of T-Nation's next super program, I was curious as to what type of training would be appropriate in the weeks leading up to its release, if any.



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Whatever you've been doing so far.



There was a thread similar to this one I saw a few days ago. Basically this new I, BODYBUILDER program will have you gaining muscle so fast you would be better off starting out as small as possible to avoid getting "too big". Until it is release I would not go to the gym at all. At the grocery store when they ask if you need any help out, always say yes.


Everyone chill out... Ive been hittin it hard people, Im 170, bench 350, dead 500, and squat 430, so ive done pretty well for myself thank you. I figure maybe someone in the know could offer some advice along the lines of rest. Thanks for nothing


Really shouldnt have given anyone the time of day even saying that... But now that i did oh well


That is pretty strong dude... Got any videos or pics?


your talking ounces right?


Ive been injecting pure testosterone directly into my nutsack to make my balls and weiner HYOOOGE that way when I, BODYBUILDER comes out and I blow up i will be perfectly proportioned.


Vids or it didn't happen.


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Hopfully it's coming out this monday or this week and you won't have to do much... you could start the V-Diet.



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U should start training named: "stop trolling"...

No problemo


You're trying to prepare for a program where the conditions are unknown of. It is obvious you are too aroused by the announcement of I Bodybuilder that it clouds your logical judgment. What does is matter to you if it comes out now or next year? It is obvious you want to get really big now... and therefor you are relying on a training program, which hasn't come out yet. In conclusion, you're relying too much on a training program.

What to do for preparation? Get some logical sense and get more experience with the basics of training, you lack experience imo.


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