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pre-hab for weighted dips?

I’ve been doing heavy (for me) weighted dips for several months now, and have worked up to 6 reps with +60.

I’m starting to feel some strain in my shoulders, though. What should I do to prepare my shoulders for additional increases in weight?

Keep doing what you’re doing.

Just progress real slow.

Also, maybe you should strengthen your triceps a little more. Stronger triceps means less work for the shoulders.

Thanks. I think my triceps are reasonably strong, comparatively, seeing as my close-grip bench press is very close to my regular bench press (which is very weak).

I guess I’ll just stick with my current shoulder routine, and progress slowly.

Try alternating weighted dips with decline CG bench and an EZ bar. Jack the weight up and keep the elbows in.

The movement’s quite similar. You may find the angle change and delt emphasis add power to the bottom of your dip movement.