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Pre-Gym Motivation - YouTube Clips


Sometimes I'll watch lifting clips on YouTube before heading out the door to go the gym. Just helps to change my focus from work or whatever and get in the right frame of mind. Some of my favorites are DeFranco clips, especially the trailers for Strong because they've got the music and the editing...that shit pumps me up.

I like that kind of stuff more than just a random clip of some dude knocking out sets...although some of the really impressive lifts on those clips are awesome.

So I wanted to start this thread and have people post up their favorite motivational clips...


Strongest men in the world and Slayer & Motörhead:


Ahh DeFranco... What I'd pay to be able to learn from him and his crew...


John Cena


No excuses.


This is my new motivation for squat day, I watched this guy and a bunch of other giants last weekend at a meet in Dorian:

Not my federation, but a hell of a lot of fun to watch


Here is MY motivation. Courage Wolf!!




Excellent! The woman crushing the full beer cans looks like a fbb, no?


Gladiator compilation with Godsmack's "Alive"


big nasty



anything by Benni


looked high to me...



When im doing widowmakers at the gym I think about Joe in the movie Touching the Void.What he did makes widowmakers seem like getting a blowjob from a playboy bunny while eating an icecream cone.

I listen to this on my ipod alot as well

and the viper


Fucking badass video.


These are all nice! Anyone else?



If u haven't seen this DC training highlights video ur in for a treat:D. Gets me amped like no other. One of the best I think. makes me just want to go apeshit in a gym.