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I am playing DI AA ball this fall and to get a shot a a starting position, ive gotta bust some fucking heads on special teams. Im likely gonna be the sob that goes over the top of the wedge, landing likely on my head, my question is are their any pregame drugs/sups etc that will get me in the mood? Dont have any good juice connections so far, looking for quasi-legal or supplement suggestions. One friend suggested a mix of andro/epedrine/ritalin one hour pregame, any comments??
Coach Davies got any special weapons?

I find a good ephedrine is best for pre-game concentration and energy. Of course the only “game” I do any more is weight training, but it definately helps set the mood. You’ll have to find what dosage works best for you as well as how much and when you can eat before you take it. I’d recommend MD6 as a possible pre-workout stimulus to try first. I also like to sip a good energy drink (like Gatorade) when I begin to feel a little tired. I find the carbs and electrolytes enable me to push again that extra little bit…

as a special teams player (L4,R4 ?) your secret weapon is simple - an atitude that you are already displaying of search and destroy everything and anything in your path. That position is the last bastion of reckless abandon and my favorite type of player. I always get a few wedge-breakers who play in the league each Jan/Feb and they are the best guys to work with. Welcome to a select group. I know you are thinking of supplement aids and I really think in that vein the answer is in the few days before hand. Proper rest, diet, and a bucket of glutamine/bcaa’s to ensure you are physically ready. Some sort of neuro is beneficial pre-game. But as I said - atititude and rip 'em up. I know you might not want to say where you play but what state? Go bring it! In fiath, Coach Davies

Anything that stimulates you will work but I would caution to be careful as overstimulation can actually cause you to be slower and less focused…although you’ll probably feel the opposite. The adrenaline from the game itself should give you a nice boost…if you need anymore then that i’d be comfortable with caffeine + Power Drive.

Coach playing in new york, not a top notch IAA program but a decent one. Just trying to be as nasty as possible, in the weight room on the field or anywhere, I get jumpy as hell pregame normally and in high school I was always known for being a little crazed, but these sobs are fast and much nastier then HS. The three biggest diffrences from HS to college ball are 1 THE SPEED, 2 The hatred bred between offense and defense, 3 The overall brutal play of men, not boys. If there are any young guys comeing up take an extra year or two for HS, then ull be 20 as a redshirt (if u get lucky), this way youll be way ahead on physical development for your college ball. Just my 2Cents
Coach ever tried biotests androsol? does it work?


Your words are a perfect evaluation of the movement to the next level up from high school. Speed and a ruthless atitude. You have to be “hungry”.

I have tried virtually all the Biotest products and sat down with TC to discuss. I’ve come away totally impressed, which is kinda suprising given how sceptical I am. I haven’t tried the Androsol yet but am starting that probably within a few days but have also heard good things from friends I respect. Feel free to ask me about it next week. Let me know how I can help. If you want to talk more of supp’s feel free although I do tend to take a bit more than what most take. In faith, Coach Davies

Coach, what would you recommend for the week pre game in glutamine or BCAA’s or any other sups, I doubt i could keep up in take year round, but during the season it is possible to get some extra cash into my sups. Ive been following your renegade wos, gonna try them post season. What do you think of steak on the night before a game, with piles of pasta? Always eat it, lucky meal thing, but will it hurt performance?
As for where I play, its a college about 30min from Manhattan I wont say any more, if you know where please dont say.

although i personally haven’t tried them, i have heard good things about halo’s before football games.

Whats a halo?

halotestin, brand name i think Stenox. Oral steroids, that seem to piss everyone off a lot. If you were drug tested then you could theoretically look into the suspension sublinguals (if they work) as they wouldn’t really be testable. See steroid board.

Halo, is of course, a “high altitude, low opening” parachute jump when the boys infiltrate enemy territory and hopefully exfiltrate with something valuable.
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