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Pre-Game Thoughts




Hey everyone, BULKING MACHINE is back!


BMachine, where ya been man?!


Thanks for that. That damn garden was really psyching me out, but now i have a pre-mowing the lawn speech, i know i can now conquer those evil blades of grass.

Got any more, because i just can't seem to get the better of the vacuuming. Damn you carpet!!!!


I will suck.

I will suck harder than anyone has ever sucked. No dirt, dust bunnies, or mites can withstand the power of my suction.

No couch is too heavy for me to lift. No lint will hide under my dresser.
I am master of the stairs. None is more adept with the onboard tool. No upholstery can withstand my mighty brush. No crevice or crack is safe from my tool.

I will conquer the carpet.

Because I suck MIGHTILY!!!