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Pre-Game Routine

hey guys i have a tournament to go to tomorrow at san diego for 5 days. what are some good pregame routines i can do before a game that would help me perform to my potential. What are some good rituals?

im incosistent so im tryin to find a way to stay consistent. ill score 23 one game then ill score like 8 the next. i need help with this also. thanks!

I pre-game with Captain Morgan’s.

I pre-game with jokes that aren’t funny, then again I’m probably not on the same intellectual level as the above poster…

[quote]kobe4life08 wrote:
What are some good rituals?


Haka. It works for the all blacks.

What sport…??

Ironically, I always said a couple hail mary’s before every game back when I played football.

Pray. And focus on your game.

[quote]geekboy wrote:
kobe4life08 wrote:
What are some good rituals?

Haka. It works for the all blacks.


Yeah but that’s a lot of shit to remember on top of the game plan, and you have to have all your teamates do it with you.

It’s a cool thing to watch though.

To the OP:

I’m guessing you play basketball, right?

Make a shot plan (checklist) and stick to it for your pre-game shoot around. Baseline shots, turn arounds from the free throw line, left side drives to the rack, right side drives to the rack, jump shots from pre-determined spots, etc.

Stick to your checklist and see which shots are falling for you that night, and take those shots during the game rather than force shots that aren’t working that particular night.

I use a similar plan for golf. I hit the range before a round and see where all my clubs are hitting that particular day. So, for example, if I’m hooking my 8 iron on the range I’ll know that during the round I’ll probably be doing the same thing and I’ll stay away from those yardages as much as possible.

Hope that makes sense.