Pre FIght Nutrition

Ok I have a Full Cocntact Kickboxing fight tommorrow, and since my last Muay Thai Fight, i’ve been learning more about nutrition athanks to finding out about tmag. Anyway, i was wondering what would be a good thing to have right before the fight (say upto an hour before)
I was wondering whether glucose/protein (like Surge) would be a good choice or just a sports drink or maybe complex carbs?


also im guessing ephedrine would be stupid cos my heart will be racing from the adrenalin anyway

I’ve never fought in a tournament or anything, but when I go to grappling practice… I like a steak and some fishoils about 1.5-2 hours before. Then 30 minutes before showtime I take a serving of Powerdrive. I’d take ephedrine, but I train at about 8:00pm so I’d be up all night.

If I were fighting for real though… you can bet your ass I’d load up on ephedra.


Before my fights when I was boxing I would usually have a chicken breast with broccoli or a can of tuna with green veggies. It worked great.

As for supplements, forget it, I used caffeine with powerdrive which drove me nuts, I had a heighten heart rate to an unbelievable point, and that was before the fight even began. As for ephedra, I’d say no, I havn’t used for three years, to take it now I think the anxiety and arousal would cause me to faint.


I would not recommend surge before a fight, that is, unless you want to crash. Constant and sustained energy levels would be most beneficial. A moderate protein+fat meal would work or even a moderate protein+very low glycemic carb meal. Some people do better eating fats before fights than carbs, so it’s really up to how you feel after eating p+f or p+c meals.

A piece of your last opponent’s liver eaten raw should do the trick. It’s best if done in front of the new opponent right before the fight.

I have no first-hand experience with this but remember Tim Patterson’s Behind the Scenes #229 in which he writes about providing nutritional advice to boxer, David Tua. You might want to check it out.

Good luck in your fight man! Kick his fuckin’ ass!

Let us know what happens.

Thanks for all the advice guys, i got weighed in and had a pb&j sandwich (i know JB, it’s a P+C+F but i didnt use that much pb, honest!)

Anyway fight wise, it was a tough fight

It was a good event, venue was packed. I was rather anxious since the fact that i’d only be able to kick above the waist and i also had a last minute opoonent change. I weighted in at 60kg, my oponent was just over 57.
I came out to Singled out by Die Cast
Anyway this fight was far from easy. My oponent’s boxing skills were awesome and he had me on the cavnas in teh first… i was dazed and didnt know where i was! My corner thought i was finished. I managed to pull through round 1. I was expecting a bollocking in the break like i’d get from my previous coach but my new coac was awesome he just reminded me about how fit i am and said to me, “Do you want this fight? do you have the heart?” and i switched on. I came back in the second Kicking Kicking Kicking, thai round kicks to the ribs. I got him with a left round kick to the head and he was dazed so i followed up with hands and he got a standing 8!, the fight continued and i used my hands, hard and gave him another standing 8. He kept boxing me into corners whilst i kept my guard tight.
3rd round was similar to the second, i gave him another 2 standing 8’s and then dropped him to take the win!
After the fight his coach and him came into our dressing room to congratulate me it was great,his coach reckons i’ve got what it takes to go pro since this guy i fought was in the great britain squad!

Hell yeah dude. Thanks for the update.

Congrats, but peanuts, bread, and jelly are not clean foods. You should have had a stick of butter and a cup of veggies before the fight.

you serious dude? hahaha