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Pre fight everything?

Here we go? saturday will be my first Golden Gloves fight… I plan on using two servings of powerdrive with some gatorade right before the match. Is the preparation of power drive to be done right before consumption? or can it be premixed then drank hours later? The reason I ask is because I really don’t wanna show people Im using or taking some sort of supplement… also I really don’t wanna deal with the mixing process, I would just rather sit and sip on my Power “ade”! Anyone have any other ideas for prefight prep work? use? assistance?

Da Boxer

Boxer_Al, you shouldn’t have any problems mixing the Power Drive 4 to 6 hours ahead of your drinking it. If you want to “stack” the deck a bit in your favor, take half of your Gatorade and make a big ice cube out of it. Then when you mix your Power Drive, you could add in the rest of the unfrozen Gatorade. You are, I’m sure, going to take it about 30 minutes before your fight, right?

Even Surge (which will start to ferment after 24 hours at room temp) is good for 4 to 6 hours at room temp. I hope you’re using some of that too between rounds.

Good luck on your fight!!! A lot of us here have our fingers (and toes?) crossed for you.

I heard Powerdrive will explode if you don’t consume it within 30 minutes of mixing.

OR… you could be perfectly fine mixing it in advance! :slight_smile:

unfortunately I have a very old school coach who still thinks it weight that we loose when we wear heavy clothes or shadow box in a sauna. So SURGE in between rounds would be extremely tough to explain to him. He does not believe in any supplementation what’s so ever. I’ll definatly premix my power drive in gatorade before I leave for weigh in and make sure it stays cold!

dang, I’d hate the stuff to blow up while im in the ring. It would definately create a mess and shock the crowd.

Da Boxer

Good luck!!!

Oh, yeah… tear 'em up!