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I’ve been doing ian kings workouts for awhile now… And Now I’m in maintenence, for chest… Now heres a question… Do yuo guys always prefetique??? IS it really true that you DON"T have to train to failure everysingle time to grow… I JUST can’t get this in my brain… It doesn’t feel right… I am always SOOOO tempted to go to fetique… Fetique and failure are the same thing right???


Maybe French for “Fatigue?” Kewl…!!!

I’m readin’ you, Bro…from all the arguments I’ve seen and read, fatigue is just one more variable that you can “put in the mix” of a total Periodization Program. In other words, in order to grow and progress, you have to vary your program. So…doing part of a cycle in which you take SOME sets to failure SOME OF THE TIME would be just fine; just not ALL of the time. You risk “neurological overtraining” from going to failure all the time. (By the way…not going to failure all the time has been a tough psychological barrier for me to overcome also!)

Actually…“fatigue” IS French!!!UUmmmm…

I never train to failure and i grow pretty well.