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Pre-exhaustion Question

Does anyone have a solid grasp on the use of preexhaustion. Could it be a useful tool in powerlifting for increasing the big 3.

In my opinion it’s no place in powerlifting as you’re not trying to break the muscle down the same way you are in bodybuilding, though that’s just my thoughts and is by no means correct

Pre-exhaustion is generally considered a size technique, the big problem with it is that you are tiring out the main muscle so that the synergists then become undertrained and neuromuscularly you are not lifting the weight that you usually could. However that doesn’t mean that a cycle of 4-8 weeks of this couldn’t benefit strength overall, particularly if you thought you had a weak link holding you back and you focused on that. I would often to do a standard routine for 8-12 weeks, Dorian Yate’s HIT routine for about 6 weeks (which pre-exhausts almost everything) and then Westside for 8-12 weeks and then repeat those routines over and over again and that worked quite well for me.