Pre-Exhaust with Shoulders and Back?

I have seen good results pre exhaustin my chest, with something like this:

Incline DB flys 4x12
DB flys 4x10
Incline Bench press 4x8
low Incline DB press 4x6

How would someone implement the pre exhaustin technique for shoulders and back?

Thanks in advance, have a good day.

Btw my stats:
Height 6feet
Weight 182lb

shoulders - front/lateral/rear raises. I’d just go with lateral raises. fronts get a lot of work from all upper body pressing and you’ll need your rears for stability (hit em with raises later).

lats (I’m assuming that’s what you meant) - pullovers, machine rows

[quote]abbe wrote:
I have seen good results pre exhaustin my chest[/quote]
No offense, bud, but no, you haven’t.

[quote]Btw my stats:
Height 6feet
Weight 182lb [/quote]
In a thread from last year, you were 176 pounds and bulking.

Gaining 6 pounds in a full year is nothing much at all, especially at your height and weight (you’re still kinda underweight for your height). I was 6’2" and 170 in high school, so I’ve been there.

What are your current goals?

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

What are your current bests in the squat, deadlift, flat bench press, overhead press, row, and pulldown/pull-up?

[quote]Chris Colucci wrote:
Gaining 6 pounds in a full year is nothing much at all, especially at your height and weight (you’re still kinda underweight for your height).[/quote]

wtfawk?? eat, dude. i went from 169.5 lb on 5/24 to 187 lb last week…

Hi, thanks for the replies
I actually used to be a 6feet 150lbs guy back in the summer of 2009 since then I gained some weight bulking up and using a 3day fullbody workout. Anyway my ultimate goal is to be 200lbs but I rather achieve this goal slowly, because if remember correctly by april 2010 I bulked up from 170lbs to 187 in only one month, it was the worst advice/decision I took, btw this program was called ?squats and milk?. I really felt sick of this program so I stopped it.

After that I found, that using only compound movements gave me some muscles imbalances, since then my secondary concern is to focus on symmetry and proportions. Some of my weak spots include: chest, front shoulders, calves, and arms (in no particular order).

About my nutrition, here is a typical day:
Meal1: 6 whole eggs, 1cup of black coffee
Meal2: 1.5cups of oatmeal, 1.5 scoops of whey protein
Meal3: 2-3 guavas, 1.5 scoops of whey protein
Meal4: 5oz of chicken breast, 1 cup of vegetables
Meal5: 1 pear, 1 tuna can, 1 cup of green tea
Meal 6: 1 tuna can mixed with green/red peppers and onion.
And also 3.5 liters of water through the day.

About my lifting stats:
Long time since I don?t front/back squat but my below parallel front squat was 80kgx6 my back squat 105kx6g. My deadlift was 150kgx5, I don?t bench press but my Incline Bench press is 70kgx4, my Overhead Press is 50kgx6 and finally I can do 21 dead hang pull-ups.
As you can see by no means I am a strong nor big person, but with consistency I will surely achieve my goals. I am also open to receive any feedback or advice, just don?t start insulting or giving advice so vague advice like ?just eat tons of food?.


lol I was actually just about to say “just eat tons of food”. if a majority of your calories are taken in peri- and intra-workout then you stand a much better chance of making quality gains. which of those meals are your pre- and post-workout meals?

Meal 2 and 3.

I would recommend 2 things:

  1. More carbs(if you are actually trying to put weight on) but not necessarily in the form of fruit. Their presence/absence makes or breaks my cutting or bulking.
  2. Stop using “was” when discussing your big lift stats; make them a staple and work to correct imbalances if they occur. Muscle imbalances happen but are no reason to ditch the main lifts for getting bigger/stronger

combine meals 1 and 2, you can keep or ditch the whey but you should probably eat the equivalent in egg whites or another form of solid whole food protein, and either eat those guavas with this meal or sub in 100% juice if you can’t stomach more food. IMO that’s decent for a mass gain preworkout meal.

for your postworkout meal, eat double the chicken and all the white rice or potatoes you can stomach, cut out the veggies. you don’t want fat or fiber to slow digestion of this meal. lay off the fruit too as fructose supposedly replenishes liver glycogen before muscle glycogen, but white rice or potatoes replenishes muscle glycogen first.

do you take any calories in during your workout?

Nop I dont eat during my workout, thanks for the replies btw.

if you’re really trying to gain you should “eat” during your workout. milk+whey or juice+whey isn’t a bad start.

just a question do you have a reason for pre exhausting

of course yes, even when they don’t believe I had seen gains in my chest I know this technique works… my chest looks better and fuller, so I thought I could apply the same principles to shoulders and back to get a better V-taper. So the question is still open, how should I apply it to those muscles groups, especially if one wants to increase width.


the technique is supposed to work by filling the target muscles up with blood, which results in a more stable muscle, and by reinforcing the mind-muscle connection. if you don’t try to do both with a pre-exhaust then you’re missing the point.

IMO if you’re really warming your shoulders up right with machine lateral raises, shoulder complexes and then ramping up to your work sets in your first pressing movement, that should be plenty of “pre-exhaust”.

as far as your lats, try machine pulldowns and straight arm pulldowns.

if you still want to pre exhaust thats fine but if youve only been training for a while, your gonna see gains with any chest work.