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Pre Exhaust Medial Delt Before Shoulder Presses


has anyone seen sucess with this? i did it and i liked how i was able to feel my medial delt working in the presses.
i do two delt workouts a week and pair arms with them
1. barbell shoulder press seated
lateral raises
btn seated smith press
cable laterals
super set:
revere pec dec
face pull
2. lateral riase
DB press
incline raise
same again for rear delt


There's a saying in the bodybuilding world, "Side delts can never be too big", so pre-exhausting them to make them the focus of a shoulder session is pretty common, for sure.

This should trump most replies from people. Stick with your plan for 4 or 6 weeks and see where you end up. Make note of pressing strength, bodyweight, and how your shirts are fitting across the shoulders/chest/upper back.

What does the rest of your weekly split look like?

Two shoulder sessions per week is pretty much a shoulder specialization plan since they're a relatively-small muscle group. That's not necessarily a bad thing if that's your current goal. Just saying.


im definatly likeing the feel at the very atleat. and im keeping my pressing strength up with doing the barbell press fresh once a week. i work each muscle twice a week, back/chest, legs, arms/shoulders, rest and repeat
i tag arms onto the shoulders day with two curl variations and one press/dip and one extension per day
chest/back is:
1. incline bench press
DB flat bench
wieghted pullups
db row
close grip pulldown how stu does it
tbar supported row for mid back
2. flat bench press
DB incline press
wieghted pullup
tbar row old school (fav row for lats)
Hs high row
close grip cable row
legs right now i jut deadlift variations and hammy stuff with calves
my home was burgalierized last month and i nailed the guy with a fold out chair when he cornered my step dad
he collasped but as he twisted around his crow bar nailed my knee. doc said no exercie that bends my knee lot so no quad stuff for a few months.im jut rehabing with leg extensions and now body wieght squats untill it stop hurting so bad. sucks
my diet is well, gainig wieght and all lifts going up a lot


Ah, I gotcha. I just got the impression that everything was getting hit once with delts getting worked twice. Solid plan then.

Greatest reason for not squatting, ever. Ha. Hope it heals up properly though. Take your time, do the rehab consistently, and don't rush back into it.

Like I said, stick with your plan for a while and see how you do.