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Pre-Employment Blood Work and Urine Test



I will have a pre-employment test pretty soon and I’m wondering if it is likely that they will test for steroids? If not, can something abnormal come up in blood work (side-effects)? I have been off for almost 4 months now so I’m not worried ( I did a 14 week enanthate cycle 500mg/week). I am asking this because I am planning to start a new cycle in a couple of days with sustanone250 and EQ. I know it would be smart for me to wait til I’m done with the examination but I would still like to know if any of you took a similar or the same test while ON. And if you did, what happened or what would have happened if you would.


It’s possible but unlikely unless ur applying for law enforcement. Most just look for illicit drugs like MJ, meth, coke, etc.


The drug test is for illegal stuff only.

The doc that does a pre-employment physical is usually an osteo/occupational doc. He’s looking to make sure you have full range of motion and you can do the job (sit, stand and pick things up).

He may notice back zits, shrunken nads and increased muscle mass and raise a flag. But it’s unlikely. If you can move and you’re healthy he likely won’t even have you take your shirt off. They rubber stamp healthy people.


Thank you for the reply guys, but I’d still like to hear if someone actually went on such an examination during cycle and the blood test came up abnormal. I wonder what happens in such a situation. Is it possible to come up with an excuse or simply play like you have no clue?
Example; blood cell count and cholesterol is elevated, which is a common side effect when ON.

I know that most likely he wont even assume AS, but he will still recommend or want you to do further examinations to find the reason for abnormality stated above.

I didn’t do any blood work during cycle(just for info) but I haven’t experienced any side effects at all, not even acne.

Thanks again for your kindness advices and help!