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Pre/Dwo/Pwo Supplements?

During my workouts I generally have been sipping 2L of water with 1/4cup whey hydrolysate, 1/2 scoop gf pro, creatine mixed with dextrose, 3 tablespoons of maltodextrin as well as bcaa and glutamine.

I started this because I read a book called nutrient timing and read a few articles including Birardi. My question is my school’s gym does not allow anything other than water in the weight room so am I better off sipping half before my workout and half in the middle and just goto my locker and finish it off then go back to the workout or am I better off downing the whole thing 10 min before my workout…

It supposed to be mixed in over a liter of water though…also after my workout I have another identical shake like this. So do I keep both shakes but instead of my during workout shake being drunk during the actual workout I split it to a few mins before and about half way through or just drink one shake before and after??

If I drink one before and after when should I make up the calories of the missing shake? Sfter the post workout shake I usuall wait two hours and have oatmeal and tuna and then another two hours later brown rice and veggies with chicken or other lean meats. The rest of the meals are veggies protein and fat.

SO would I add another carb meal somewhere if a shake is eliminated? But mostly will it make a huge difference if i got rid of this shake all together regardless if fat loss or bulking ? I am told by some that a pre and during high gi meal is good and some say to only wait until after a workout so I am a little confused there as well.

Additionally I have a carb meal after my fasted cardio and abs that’s performed threwe days a week but before my workout. Should I switch to something high-gi? currently after I have oatmeal egg whites and whey. Also, one more question my right arm and left arm are pretty close in strength but my right arm’s vein puts my left’s to shame.

I do an extra set ranging from 5-12 reps and negatives on my left bi to try to fix this but it doesnt seem to, is it purely genetic? Thanks alot.

try each way find what work I know I aint going to want to quit my workout and go slam a shake and if im DLing heavy or squatting heavy wont LOL

You shouldnt be waiting two hours after a simple carb and fast protein shake your Blood sugar should crash way the hell before that and you dont want that. make it up anytime have a bigger or an additional post w/o meal

veins are genetic not much you can do there

I think your over thinking a ton of this man id personally stick to the real food not HIGH GUI after cardio id also have something prior to save the precious LBM Im building and seems from the rest your trying to add mass yet yor doing fasted cardio ??

the fasted cardio is to maintain a relativley lean body…I’d much rather stay at 10% bf and gain slowly then get fat as hell and be 15-20% bf. Unless you have any suggetsions? normally i cycle 3 days of 20mins for 2 weeks then 30min then 40min then back down to 20. I notice I seem to pack on fat no matter how clean a bulk I do so this was the best I could think of.

Previously I was pretty much scared of eating any high gi other than cream of rice which worked pretty good over the summer getting my bf down but I want to add some lean mass without the fat now.

ok…so I ate about 3100 cals the last two weeks and my waist has gained an inch and ive gained two lbs. I train extremely hard and eat very clean but since I tend to put fat on with the muscle what kind of gains in fat should I aim for.

I don’t want to be a fat ass which is why I always end up kind of yo-yoing bulking and cutting not gaining a whole lot of muscle. Any recomendations on the amount of weight I should be gaining so that I can maximize muscle to fat gain ratio?

Since I gained two lbs should I cut 100 cals or is 2 lbs a week good. Thanks alot.

you likely also just have actual food in your gut as well. 2 lbs is great give it another two weeks now and reassess.


Alrite another 2 weeks. My lifts all gained but like I thought I added about a percent of fat.
8/5 149.3 31 9.4
8/12 154.4 32 10-10.1
8/18 150.0 31.5 9.8
8/26 155.9 31.5 10.2-10.8
9/2 155.4-7 31.5 11.7
9/9 157.7 32.5 11.1
9/16 156.6 32 11.4
9/23 159.4 32 12

Here where I chart my body comp.lb,waist,bf% according to my tanita scale. Any suggestions? Cut a little down on calories or just keep eating the same until my body adjusts naturally…Just don’t want to be really much over 12% bf or I lose the defenition anyway and I’ll just look fat. But you seem to know your shit and I want to be pretty damn big so let me know what you think. Thanks man.