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Pre, During, & Post-Workout Foods


I was wondering what kind of food and/or supplement concoctions you peeps recommend for pre- and post-workout sessions with the weights.

for reference i weigh about 151-153lbs and my height is 5'6-5'7. duno what my bf% is...

At the moment i've been messin around with a whey protein isolate/hydrolysed whey protein that's low in carbs: 1 shake pre-weight trainin session and 1 after (except the post-workout shake has added sugars from carbs-something like honey and and oats, or i dont bother adding to the shake, instead i just munch down on anything high in carbs). Each shake containing about 16.6-18grams of protein.

The thing is i dont know enough about nutrition and the amount of protein carbs i should be consuming before and after each workout. Im looking to gain at least 10 lbs of lean muscle, but i realise im gona need to gain more weight than that to compensate for fat gains.

And because I have kungfu training sessions (which tend to be extrememly intensive cardio work with loads of high rep variations of pushup/situp and aerobic exercises) 2-3 hours at least 3 times a week with 2-3 one-one+half hour weight training sessions in between, im a tad worried about being able to notice significant muscle gains.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.






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Simple for me Surge prior and during then either more after or straight to real food.


With your intensity level being what it is, I'd make sure you are eating PLENTY the rest of the day. Peri-workout nutrition is pretty important, but if the rest of your diet is shit, you still aren't going to get that 10lbs of muscle.


I second that. Try eating 6 small meals spread throughout the day, each having about 40grams protein/80grams carbs. Pre/post workout same as the above, but carbs should come from unflavored oats. And Post should also have 5grams of creatine mono. Drink at least a gallon of liquids a day(milk if possible). For protein try to eat one of each a day: fish, beef, chicken, cheese, nuts, sea food(crab/ shrimp/ lobster/ squid..ect). Carbs:wheats & oats in the morning and pre/post workout, veggies every other meal. also, get in a slow digesting protein meal befor bed if possible or try 1/2 cup cottage cheese and blueberries or 2tbs peanut putter sandwitch and 8oz. milk.


Cheers for the advice dragon!
For the most part i already tend to drink at least 3-4 pints of water and at least 1/2-1 pint of milk a day. ive also been in the habit of eating 6-8 meals a day but im sure i manage 40grams of protein and 80grams of carbs, so i'll be sure to keep that ratio at least roughly for every meal. i dont include carbs in my pre-workout shake, its pretty much just protein aside from some carbs in the semi-skimmed milk but i definitely eat loads of carbs post-workout.

funny u mention creatine cuz i was recently thinkin of buying some. as for the slow digesting protein before bed i was also recently thinkin of investing in micellar casein protein powder. so i'd drink a casein shake right before bed in order to prevent my body going into a catabolic state.

hey i was wondering if its worth investing in gainer powder and mixing it with whey protein powder for my pre-workout shake?