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Pre, During and Post Workout Meals for Fat Loss?

I know theres similar articles on this but all of them have been for bulking…I get up at 4am to workout at 430, be at work by 6:15. Any ideas on what to eat pre workout, during and post. I’m on a fat losing plan, so something that’s not gonna make my belly big.

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These two articles should prove informative for you, this is not “bulking” specific or “cutting” specific. In the gym, you want to get the maximum amount of performance regardless of your goal, and especially when on a fat loss plan you want to have ample nutrition to make sure that your workouts help you maintain (or gain) lean body mass. https://www.t-nation.com/supplements/what-you-dont-know-about-workout-supplementation https://www.t-nation.com/supplements/post-workout-nutrition-is-dead

As far as early workouts go, I also get up early and hit the gym before work (albeit not as early as you), I reckon you’d struggle with the same problem that I have viz. that there is no room for a meal per say beforehand. As such, all you will be ingesting before and during your workout will probably be liquids (perhaps a bar).

If you are not willing/able to fork-out for Biotest products here’s a variant which works okay, I’m still fine-tuning it:


  • 16g whey
  • 15g of maltodextrine


  • 20-40g amino acids
  • 30g maltodextrine


  • 40g whey with oatmeal, berries, fruits, what have you (breakfast)

If possible, depending on where you are in your fat-loss phase, you’d run higher numbers of maltodextrine. Don’t skimp on carbs during your workout for as long as you possibly can while still losing fat. Maybe it would be better to front-load the maltodextrine, basically inverting the order (i.e. 30 before, 15 during). I reckon maybe @Chris_Colucci could weigh in on that.

Great information, thanks man, I usually just eat PBJ and sip Amino acids then have overnight oats that I make with oatmeal, egg whites, protein powder and berries. I so I guess I’m not doing TOO too bad. I’m 6’2 325 lbs. I’m solid but I have a problem with belly and love handles, so my main goal is trying to get rid of that. But one question, what is maltodextrine?..I looked up it up just now but what I got, is that its a bi product of starch and corn?..Didn’t really get the jist of it…

It’s a product that can be produced from corn, rice, potato, or wheat starch. What it is is a fast-acting carbohydrate source. Ostensibly, it is produced by combining one of the aforementioned starches with either acids or enzymes that break the starch down further, making it more easily digested.

So I should be eating rice and amino acids during my workout?

Rice will take longer to digest and get in your blood-stream, and you want it to be digested as quickly as possible. So no, don’t eat rice during your workouts — go for something that is digested quicker, i.e. a workout supplement designed to provide you with fast-acting and easily digested carbohydrates. Amino acids, however, yes.

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Definitely agree with Allberg that the nutrition info, especially the articles he linked, aren’t just about bulking.

With that short a timespan training crazy early o’clock in the morning, you’ll want liquid nutrition, not solid foods. Plazma or Surge Workout Fuel would be ideal because they’re specifically designed to be workout nutrition - protein, carbs, and nutrients to support training and recovery. You can mix it before bed and toss it in the fridge to save a few minutes in the morning.

As far as the meal afterwards, any good breakfast will do. For fat loss, I’d go for whole eggs and vegetables. After very hard sessions (not every workout), maybe add some carbs from oats/toast/potato/rice.

These two things are not compatible.

Could we maybe add links to those articles to the forum sticky, meaning this page: About the Supplements and Nutrition category Inspired by what they are doing over in the T-replacement forum which is set-up with some must-reads: About the T Replacement Category

you should eat SOLID food…

I train at 4 o’clock in the morning. I have been reading about pre, during, and post workout nutrition. I know Biotest products are pricey, but most likely worth every penny. I am willing to spend the money. I have my after workout meal dialed in. Oatmeal and a couple scoops of protein with a little handful of nuts. It seems to work. Can you help me out with the pre and during workout stuff? I’m thinking some Plazma and Surge yes? I am not interested in eating a meal that early before training. I think these two supps would be ideal. Please help. Thanks

Plazma alone would suffice. At what level are you training? Plazma is expensive, yes. It’s not really necessary for beginners to swing for best-of-the-best products.

Thanks for your reply. I have been training consistently for about a year and a half. I will look into the plasma ingredients. Maybe I can put together something similar. I am taking NO explode preworkout and BCAA’s during. Like I said, my post workout meal is good.

A lot of people grew strong and fit on whole foods alone. Or whole foods and whey. Then there is the whey+maltodextrine/waxy-maize combo. Or maltodextrine/waxy-maize+EAAs (EAAs are apparently superior to BCAAs). Find what works for you that burns the least into your earnings. If you are making progress then there is no need to increase your expenses yet. Set that money aside for later.