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Pre, During and Post Workout and Alpha GPC


Does anyone know what a good "supplement shake" is for pre, during, and post workout i have a lot of money and i figured i would spend it on supplements that could help during the workout nutrition peroid because all i usually have is orange juice and whey which isn't the best
(i dont want to spend money on the Anaconda and MAG-10)

also what does Alpha GPC do?

any help will be appreciated!


Hi, normally I make my own (saves some pennies)... I weigh 95kg.

Pre Workout

5g AAKG (Arginine)
5g Beta Alanine
2.5g Creatine Monohydrate
400mg Caffeine
10g Protein (Whey)
30g Carbs (Fructose)

Post Workout

35g Whey Protein
100g Waxy Maize Starch

Now I am on a strength phase I am limiting to Caffeine (400mg) and Creatine Ethyl Ester (3 Caps) before, and the same shake afterwards.

If you want to buy one, NO Shotgun is good pre-workout, and believe it or not, Lucozade Protein is pretty good for afterwards (tastes nice!) Look for something with 1:3 Protein:Carbs...



  • so you don't have a clue, as until now you only use whey and orange juice
  • but you "have a lot of money"

so i guess the easiest for you would be using anaconda-protocol.
but -for some unknown reason- you don't want that.

i use my own "formula" as it is difficult to get my hands on Biotest stuff where i am living...
but -for some unknown reason- your post doesnt really make me want to share...

@ airborne:
no carbs pre-workout (unless 5-10 minutes) and get something more adequate than fructose.
if you tolerate gluten, then vitargo is great. and up it to 70-100 gr./session.
dextrose and maltodextrine are cheaper, but bloat more...
happy new year!


oh airborne , i just saw u use waxy maize post workout. thats also a good carb.
why not peri-workout with a lot of BCAAs?
and all the mainstream NO-products are bullshit.
all it does is tickle cause of the beta-alanine and kick you a little cause of the caffeine...
i think your home made pre-workout is much cheaper with the same effects.


Why not MAG-10 or Anaconda?


@MW I use a small serving of carbs just to shuttle the other bits and bobs, and not really for energy, as the main fuel for my workout comes from the meal I eat about 2hrs pre training. I used to have a big carb serving before training but it didn't seem to work too well for me. I only use fructose in the pre-workout home made one as it was in some lucozade recovery i got cheap. Normally I use maltodextrin.

JISSN did some research into NO Shotgun. They found it did help... I suggest it as it's a quick fix for fattkittie, but I will always make my own, it's too cheap not to!

My workouts usually only last about 20min so I don't bother with peri-workout stuff at the moment...


you have a lot of money to spend on supps but don't want to spend money on the Anaconda protocol?

have you read the description of Alpha GPC?

my periworkout nutrition has looked like this lately:
~60 min pre Power Drive
~30 min pre 2 FINiBARs, half a serving of creatine mono, 1 cap of Elitepro
~10 pre through the end of my workout, 2 scoops MAG-10 + endure electrolyte mix
immediately after, 2 caps of Elitepro (i take the other 4 right before bed)
~45 min post, 2 scoops whey isolate, half serving of creatine mono
solid meals for the rest of the day


@ fattkittie:

obviously your nutrition should reflect your goals, body type, muscle mass, bodyfat, training style, food tolerance etc. ...

i didn't realize that your username indicates that your primary goal might be fatloss...?!? ;D

then you are probably better off with a leaner protocol like E99s...
though i go well with about 100 gr. of carbs peri even when cutting. guess i'm lucky.

on the other hand it seemed like a beginner question to me.
in that case your primary goal should be muscle and strength gain (more carbs).
once you got the muscle everything else is accomplished easier...

oh, and i am also a fan of solid meals!

@ airborne:

seems like you know what you're doing!
good on'ya!


Tbh i dont know much about them and the whole 27 pounds of muscle kinda just turns me off i meen im sure their really good but can someone explain the science behind them and why they work? and thx for replies guys


It's protein powder that is absorbed very quickly. There's also leucine and citrulline malate in it. I really like MAG-10 as a protein source because it's very palatable during workouts.


MAG-10 is just a protein? but what about it being a prohormon i cant find the ingrediants list on the website probally just because im retarded but isnt it so much more than just a protein i meen they claimn "steroid like gains" what else is in it that makes it so affective and is there really 167 grams of protein in two scoops? thats just retarded to me but im sure its really good in general ive heard of people who make good gains on it..

also about the whole ANACONDA thing how are you suppose to rapidly absorb the protein in MAG-10 (casien hydroslyte w/e its called) when ur downing FINiBARs and Surge Workout Fuel FINiBARs have rice oligodextrin and in Surge Workout Fuel dextrose both slower absorbing from what ive heard and ur just taking in food in general it has proteins carbs and fats lol doesnt make sense

and also what is in ANACONDA?


and isnt there creatine in MAG-10?


The old MAG-10 was a prohormone or something like that, the new one is just protein. As far as I know, ANACONDA is MAG-10 plus creatine.


plus beta alanine( I thought this was the key ingredient that differentiates it from MAG-10?) so that you get increased work capacity


How about you try this until you can bench 1.5 x bodyweight, squat 2 x bodyweight, and deadlift 2.5 x bodyweight - or somewhere around there.

20 to 40 grams of whey protein
40 to 80 grams of carbs (juice, Gatorade or Powerade, waxy maize, or whatever tickles your fancy)

You can use Surge if you like too.

But keep my suggestion about STRENGTH in mind before you start fucking around with hunky dory shit!


can you read? i ask this because every product question you've asked is answered on this site. hell, half of them are answered in video form so you don't even need to read.


Ight people need to shut up about me not understanding the the articles or w/e about the supplements because i told you I have a learning disability holy shit...

thank you for the replies btw and the reason im spending more money on supplements is because im more advanced then anything

bench over 300

squat 350 parralel ( i barely squat)

deadlift 495 x3


um. no, you didnt


so why is it that you cant learn from articles (not to mention ones that break all the information down and THOROUGHLY EXPLAIN EVERYTHING) yet you can learn from peoples responses?


why are u so interested? people break things down much easier and more simple for me... why do u keep commenting on a post arguing with some random person your never going to meet go find something better thank you...