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Pre-Cycle Supplementation


A while back Yogi had mentioned doing things prior to a cycle that could increase one’s success.

I mentioned a study that showed that L-carnitine L-tartrate can increase androgen receptors in muscles (2 grams increased androgen density 15% in 3 weeks).

i recently was reading about arachidonic acid, which might also increase androgen receptors (as well as increasing strength and muscle on it’s own).

and finally, stumbled into some info that stated that an increase in androgens in the body also increases androgen receptors in the body…

^this is very interesting to me, as we all seem to notice that it takes a week or so for the androgens to kick in. i believe part of that is due to the time required for the body to increase androgen receptors, thereby increase the amount of sites for androgens to bond to and do their thing.

my theory is, if we increase androgen receptors prior to the cycle, then there is a) a quicker response to the increased androgens and b) a greater response to the increased androgens.

anyway, just something to think about, as this might lead to better gains on cycle, and might not require a large increase in dosages of androgens to do so.