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Pre Cycle Lab Work Woahs


So my long awaited cycle starts next week, and as suggested I had pre cycle/baseline blood work done. Below are my results from Private MD Labs. Test is way low, any chance my cycle will kick start natural test production or not likely? My cycle was Test E for 12 at 600mg with Adex EOD at .5mg. PCT Weeks 14-18. It wasn't very extensive but left plenty of room for worry.


Testosterone, Serum
313 Range 348-1197 ng/dl

19.9 Range 7.6-42.6 ng/dl

Luteinizing Hormone
LH 3.3 Range 1.7-8.6 mIU/ml

FSH, Serum
4.6 Range 1.5-12.4 mIU/ml

23 Range 0-40 IU/L

31 Range 0-44 IU/L


Your cycle will not ‘kick-start’ your natural production. It is likely that it will do the opposite. Best case scenario would be that your PCT returns you to the 300ish level, but it’s not likely to. If I had to guess, I would say that you will likely end up on TRT for life if you decide to run a cycle at this point. You should take this very seriously if you have any desire to protect the production you still have.

Also, you didn’t even say what your PCT will be. If you make a mistake with your PCT, you’ll almost certainly be screwed.


My PCT will be:

Aromisin Week 13-20 12.5-25mg per day- see how I respond
Nolvadex Week 14-19 20mg ED

My thought process is PCT will be .5 the length of cycle with an AI to prevent rebound through week 20. The labs have put me in a tough spot, I guess I have a big choice to make.


Have a look at:






We have a lot of younger guys show up on the TRT forum. Not just an old guys game.
You are hypo now. With younger guys, low-T is the symptom and one needs to look for a cause that might be correctable.
If a HPTA restart does not work and diagnostics do not provide opportunities, you will need to go on TRT. Some then are in blast and cruise territory if they must. But if you are on TRT with higher TT and FT, you can then see what you can achieve in the gym before considering bigger guns.