Pre-Cycle Check Before Starting 1st Cycle


I will try to keep this as organized and detailed as I possibly can. I am wanting to start my first cycle and require constructive criticism and in order to fully understand the cycle before going forward.


  1. Cycle information/supplies
  2. Body metrics/exercise/diet
  3. My Biography


  1. Cycle information/supplies
    Dosage: Test E 250mg/1ML (1 ampule)

frequency: every three days for the duration of 12 weeks. (Monday then Thursday).

PIN: I will pin in gluteus medius. (I will most likely alternate between cheeks) Going to utilize 1 1/2" (draw/pin) at 25 ga.

Post cycle therapy:
nolvadex (nova) weeks 14-17 40/40/20/20.

GEAR: I believe I have a reliable location, I understand there are ways to check it but, not sure if it is still a good site. Currently seeing costs consistent with 60$ US for 10 ampule of 250 Test E. and 125$ US for 90 count 20mg Nova.

2, Body metrics
Weight: 185
BF%: 12%
height: 6’ 00"
age: 31

blood work: was completed and reviewed by doctor, all in normal ranges but slightly high cholesterol and LDL, Advised this is most likely genetics.

Activity: currently exercise 5-6 days a week consistently for 15 years. with the occasional month off, usually 1 hour to 1 1/2 hour sessions. usually 20-30 minutes of cardio. One hour of BRO splits (I.E back/bies, chest/tries)

I have experimented with many diets over the years and notice that it is very easy for me to put on decent muscle but also body fat. (diet is 70%) I know this needs to be tackled way before gear is a option. Safe to say tracking and logging information has got me to the point of narrowing in my body’s reaction to foods and what works.

I currently do intermittent fasting with Keto, I maintain current physique and allow for deviation of diet one day a month. ( I eat what ever da fug i want on that day)

  1. Biography
    I have been in the military for 10 years and most recently became a small business owner. I have always enjoyed exercising and the way it improved my mental health and physical bonuses achieved were always secondary. Within the last five years I have noticed a reduced level of improvement if anything at all. I have had structured diet and started new work out plans with a trainer with little to no change. Safe to say starting to feel like I completely plateaued, while still ageing and having wear and tear on joints (i.e knee surgery/ shoulder surgery 4 years ago, all minor). I am wanting to help my body and achieve new goals. I was very interested in using gear when i was in my mid 20’s. From all the research i completed it was a bad idea to start dosing until 30’s due to it stunting growth plates.

Thank you for any and all information you can provide, I understand that if this does not look good then I will not go forward.

Sounds like you have done some good research. You got your pre cycle hormone levels so you know your starting point.

As far as the diet goes anyone who can actually follow the keto diet in my opinion has amazing self discipline so I’m sure you will have no problem with that.

Good body fat% etc.

Have fun enjoy the cycle!


Pinning the glutes can be tough. Do you know where exactly to pin? What size needle to draw with and pin with? Up to what marker are you filling the barrel with?

I have pinned my quads for the last year straight, alternating between them. I draw with an 18g needle, inject with a 23g or 25g. I have been using 25g exclusively for the last 2 months and dont even feel it slide in.

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Thank you for the feedback, I will do a little more research into this just to make sure I am not screwing it up. I understand there is risk with this location due to sciatic nerve. That being said 70% (may have number off but i know its a lot) of your body’s natural test is stored in the major muscles of the legs. I have no science on why I want to use the glut just seemed like a good place to pin.

Is the cost associated with what items I am using seem correct in your educated experience? ( Am i paying to little or more than needed) I understand cheaper usually means dirty.

Use the upper outer quadrant. I only pin glutes never had a issue. I see you said 25g 1 1/2 inch needles that’s fine really a 1 inch needle is fine as well.

Cheaper does not necessarily mean dirtier. Prices vary so much iv seen great gear at 28$ for a 10ml vial of test up to 80$. It’s all about the credibility of the source. We can’t discuss sources here but Google and reddit should be able to help you figure out if your source is legit.

That’s what she said


I would say please don’t pin with the same needle you use to draw. That is my one and only critique. Everything else looks good. You did your research, you know your body, and you seem mentally prepared for the cycle.

Wait, I have another critique. Do you have an AI on hand for use in case of high e2 symptoms? Because you’ll want to have that.

All good advice you’ve received here. In regards to your elevated cholesterol and LDL, although genetics play a small role its most likely your keto diet. My background is molecular biology and genetics, after which I studied nutrition and the most common observation was high cholesterol/LDL linked with high fat diets. Couple that with steroids which are known to cause LV hypertrophy, its not a good mix.

Having said that, because of intermittent fasting I feel your cholesterol is not as high as it would be on a keto diet. Just something to think about and research.


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I did some research and was advised draw with 18 swap it and pin with 25, does that seem right to you?

I will use AI * Anastrozole (Arimidex).

I will watch it and after this cycle and I get my new blood test, ill adjust my diet depending on LDL and cholesterol. Thank you for looking out

I do love me some bacon tho

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Yep, that’s how I draw and pin.

Whats wrong with drawing then pinning with the same needle as long as you dont go back into a vial with it after injecting. I pierce and draw from 2 different vials with my 30 g before using it to inject. I do this EOD and have never had an issue

Its just not proper sterile procedure. You will never see a doctor draw and pin with the same needle.

Just because we practice certain methods and never have an issue does not make them ok. Bostin Lloyd reused insulin syringes for months and never had a issue. Would you do that as well?

When giving advice it’s best to stick to what is safest not necessarily what you might do

30g probably doesn’t matter. The needle is so fine you don’t feel it anyway (if you do it right). But when you pierce the silicone stopper you damage the needle. Damaged needle + skin = more pain than necessary. It costs almost nothing to switch out needles and it saves a little bit of pain. So it’s just smarter to do it that way.

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My Dr actually told me it was fine to do and that he does it. Some people feel it dulls the needle so they like to switch it. He is a gp amd had me using 22g i switched to 30