Pre-Cycle Bloodwork, Free T Difference

Prior to starting a 2nd cycle I got some basic blood work done. I ordered the same tests I’ve done in the past, but there is an additional result I haven’t seen before. I’m hoping someone can help me understand what it is. Here are the results:

TESTOSTERONE, SERUM - 502 NG/DL Range: 264-916
TESTOSTERONE,FREE - 14.81 NG/DL Range: 5.00-21.00
% FREE TESTOSTERONE - 2.95% Range: 1.50-4.20
ESTRADIOL, SENSITIVE - 19.0 PG/DL Range: 8.0-35.0
HEMATOCRIT - 43.9% Range: 37.5-51.0

Any idea what the difference is between the two free test numbers? The second one (Direct) is what I’ve seen before. The result is typical of what I’ve had before, but I’m not sure what the other one is.

Completely unbound testosterone? As in not bound to albumin (which is still bioavailable)? Shit man, I don’t know that one but that’s my best guess.