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Pre Cycle Blood Tests


Hi guys !!

My question is, What are the main blood tests required before and after running a cycle ?!
And how to make good use of the results ?


Come on Cabron

You get the filipino lab corp phlebotomist lady to take your blood sample. Before cycle I guess all you would want or need would be free test and total test. Results will show where your levels are at and also a range of min and max for normal healthy males.

After cycle or rather after your pct you would want test levels checked as wells as FSH and LH. Ranges are also provided for those. If your FSH and LH are non existent your body is not producing natural test anymore and you will probably want to take something but in this case I would suggest going to your doctor and getting his help.

You may want to get levels checked during cycle. My first cycle I did not take an AI hoping I could avoid it. Had anxiety went to get blood work E2 was crazy high hence anxiety. Used arimidex anxiety went away. Point being you might want to see how test affects your body. Depending on how your body reacts and dosage many metrics could get thrown off. My hermatocrit level was also high when I got my E2 checked out.

Just know what your doing before you do it.


Thanks for the quick reply…

So to sum it up…
Before Cycle: Free and total Testosterone
After PCT: FSH, LH, Estradiol and Hermatocrit … besides the Testosterone

Considering that I live in Egypt, and I don’t know if the labs here work by the most recent normal ranges of Testosterone… Can you state them please ?!

And I’m concerned about Prostate enlargement… Is there any blood tests to indicate it before and after the cycle ?

Thanks a lot for you help


On the results the lab should state what their normal ranges are because labs can have variances.

Off the top of my head 300-1000ng/dl is considered a normal range with most men falling in the lower end of that range.


Thanks alot for you help :slight_smile: