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Pre-Cycle Blood Results Before First Cycle

Hi guys, I’ve just had my first blood results back from medichecks and have a few issues I’m hoping someone could guide me on.
I’m 38 years old and looking to start my first cycle.

So to start with… I have high albumin @ 48.1gl but is within tolerances.

Very low FSH @ 0.763iu/l

Very high prolactin @ 402mu/l

testosterone @ 10.6nmol/l and free testosterone @ 0.203nmol/l which are both borderline minimum

Low oestrogen @ 42.7pmol/l

I’m aware that NHS GP’s are reluctant to refer you to a specialist with the hope of any replacement therapy, so is there a way of calculating how much Test E I would need to cycle to get myself up to the higher end of normal levels?

I appreciate any feedback

No way to determine how much you need to get into a high-normal range, but it’s safe to assume that a standard trt dose would do it. Now “standard” can be anywhere from 100-200mg/w, which is fairly wide. So I’d say if you split the baby and went 150/w you’d be better off than you are now. But that’s just a guess. You should attempt to get it done through your country’s fakakta healthcare system first.

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And to piggyback on what @iron_yuppie wrote (great avatar btw), go six weeks and get another blood test to check your levels. If you need an AI then (and you probably won’t), you can add it in.

Any fertility concerns? Want kids?

No fertility concerns no. My only concern is wether to waste my time trying to get TRT through the NHS (UK Health Service) which is notoriously difficult apparently or just get straight on privately sourced product

A couple of options.

First, without fertility issues, I wouldn’t fuck around with Hcg - too difficult to manage effectively (just be aware that your balls will shrink without it).

If it were me, and you are able to get a decent source, I’d start on 100mg of T cyp or enth a week, injected subq every 3.5 days (50mg per injection).

That’s it. Nothing else.

In six weeks, get a blood test the day of your next injection, but before you inject (this will be your trough). Adjust your dosage based on your T levels, check your E2 to see if you need an AI, post the labs here for expertise on the other shit, and move on.

In the meantime, try to get treated by NHS. If, or when, you get an appointment, stop TRT six - eight weeks prior to the appointment (if you get that much notice) and move on.

T is pretty cheap, about $50 for 10ml which will typically last you five months or so. Needles are negligible.

Not sure of your sourcing, but that’s another shituation that you may not want to get into. I know people that order online with no problems, others strongly discourage that.

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