Pre Contest?

So, Ive been training this figure competitor. 1st place overall first two events, 2nd place in the third. I’ve been using the swolecat 7 day precomp diet and he recommends raisinettes before going onstage to flood glycogen into the muscles and it got me thinking…What about glucose gel???What do you guys think??

I used to have a bunch of glucose gel from the days when I was an EMT. I always took it post-workout (while on a low-carb diet) and I’d have to say that it did appear to have that effect.

That’s what I thought too,I was a medic in a past life myself. I just think it tastes like crap compared to the raisinettes, but she’ll do whatever works…We have a pro qualifier in two weeks she is determined to make. So I’ll keep the raisinettes (If it ain’t broke) and we’ll experiment off season