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My first physique comp. trying to figure out this cycle.

As of right now I'm going with :
Test P
Tren A
Mast P

any suggestions?


How many weeks out? Stats? Goals?

Never heard of diuretics being used in physique. Heard they take off points for being too dry but I don’t know this for sure so don’t quote me.



6’3 245-250lbs…first time coming up with my own pre contest cycle so
just looking for a little guidance.


How many weeks out?


assuming 12 weeks out

weeks 12- 1
test prop 200mg EOD
adex/letro .5mg/1.25mg EOD

weeks 6-1
masteron 100mg 3x week
tren A 75mg EOD
winstrol 50mg EOD

final week
test prop 200mg EOD
adex/letro .5mg/1.25mg ED
masteron 100mg 3x week
tren A 75mg ED
winstrol 50mg ED

as for diuretics - I wouldn’t recommend doing them unless you know exactly what you’re doing… you could really flatten yourself out and look like garbage come contest day.

if you do know what you are doing, I would recommend dyazide… if you want to go the natural route, I would suggest XPEL


Hey thanks for the reply. Yeah 12weeks outs where I’ll start the cycle…and thank you I just wanted something to base off of really. I think what I’ll do is.
12-1 test prop maybe drop 3days out
12-1 tren eod 100
12-1 mast p eod 100
5-1 winny @50 bump to 100 week 1

And I’ll adjust dosages based on how I feel
and look. I think it’ll turn out pretty good pretty excited.
I’ve been reading a bit and have also been seeing that anadrol
can be thrown in fairly close to show and help get that full look.
I also have a coach that I still have to talk to about it as well I just wanted to see what
I could come up with. The diuretic will be all on my coach I’ll let him
Make the call.