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pre contest prep?????

i am 24 years old, weigh 218, and i am at 14%bf. i have planned for the next 12 weeks to use

4iu’s gh 5on 2 off iv
50mg winny ed
25mg anavar ed
ephidrene 40 mgs
t2 200mgs ed

what do you guys think?

You may find that 25mg of anavar isn’t enough. I would replace it with 75-100 mg of tren per day. When dieting usually you’ll need more steroids to hold on to size then you do when on a bulking cycle.

i would add test to that. also if you can get your hands on those drugs you might as well go for the t-3 instead of t-2.

i dont know anything about gh.

P-dog: personally when getting down to those last few weeks of dieting, you won’t have the energy for sex anyway, so unless your planning to use diuretics, test is not an option. Masteron however is. Masteron is highly androgenic like testosterone but doesn’t aromatize, or cause any water retention.