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Pre-Contest Prep Experience?

Anyone can respond to this post, but I’d like to get some feedback from guys that have competed in a bodybuilding show also.

Here’s some background and stats. Right now I’m about 13% BF, 5’10", 245 lbs.(that’s about 213 lbs. lean body mass if you don’t have a calculator nearby).

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I’m considering competing in my first show. I have a problem staying strict on my diet and focused unless I have a goal to shoot for, so I figured this would get me going. Oh, I’ll be doing it natural too.

I’ve got 8 weeks left to prepare. I don’t know if this is enough time or not considering my BF%, but at the least, I’ll get lean.

Here’s my training schedule right now:
Day 1-Chest/Tri’s/Delts
Day 2-Back/Bi’s
Day 3-cardio
Day 4-Legs
Day 5-cardio
Day 6-Chest/Tri’s/Delts
Day 7-cardio
Day 8-Back/Bi’s
Day 9-Legs

Basically I’m doing a 3 day split over 4 days. All cardio is low to moderate walking for ~30 minutes. I’m also doing ~30 minutes 5 days/week at work. Also, abs or calves are alternated on cardio only days.

Here’s a sample leg workout from a couple days ago:
Deadlift 12x2 @ 365 60 sec. rest
Front Squat 4x4 @ 225 120 sec. rest
Leg Curl(one-leg) 2x4-2(eccentric) @ 35
60 sec. between legs

I’m keeping weights heavy to retain lean mass and stay hard while dieting down. I agree with CT and Skip LaCour that weight workouts are meant to build muscle, not burn fat.

Diet starting next week will be low-carb, but not ketogenic…100g(39%) fat(mostly from almonds, flax meal and fish oil), 100g(17%)carbs, 250g(42%)protein, 2400 calories. Obviously these are approximates as the percentages do not add up to 100.

Supplements used are MRP’s, multi-vit/min, fish oil caps, whey protein, creatine and HOT-ROX.

So…any competitive BB’s that have experience with this, tell me if I’ve got a shot at looking like a champ or a chump in 8 weeks with this approach. Thanks.