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pre contest diet

Thunder…I stick to the heavy weights and low reps, so that’s no biggie for me.

I shall keep you posted, and will definitely pick at you come those transformations in the last couple weeks. Should be hella fun:-)

Vain68 here…wanted to reply to Snacks’ post…re: is lower belly button (lower ab) fat primary estrogenic?..I couldn’t agree more with Joel’s planned refeeds in terms of the CHO, insulin, leptin feedback regulatory loop
hope this post gets on…
Vain68: Back in the saddle

Thunder, did you at one time make mention of a book on cutting for BBs who were getting ready to compete? May just have been a figment of a tired imagination. If not, I’d love the title and author.

Okay, Thunder, it looks like there is a slight discrepancy. Here is the classification of NPC Weightclassing. As you can see, the cutoff for Middleweight in Open and Novice Divisions is 187.25. But the cutoff for Middleweight in National Qualifier Divisions is 176.25. I think that clears things up. Good call, buddy.

Terry, no I dont think it was me that made mention of a book on pre-contest dieting. Sorry.

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