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Pre-Contest Cycle

I have gone through a few successful mass gaining cycles. I’m 6’2", 290lbs and I’m at about 12-14% bodyfat. In a month or so I’m starting a cutting diet as a practice run for a competition next year. Though I have had great success with mass cycles I could use some tips on a cutting cycle.

I was thinking of doing an 8-10 week cycle with Tren(I love that shit), winstrol and test prop. Or would anyone suggest primo in place of something. what should my dosages of each be, a what would be the best anti E’s for this and at what dosages. I would appreciate any help any of you could give me. Thanks.

The most important part of a cutting cycle is your diet. Closer to the end of your cycle you could supplement primo for test prop, as you do not want any estrogen in your system which would create unwanted water. For antiestrogen Femara is the best. 2.5mg per day is the std dose but you could get by with half that.

As for doses of gear while dieting, I myself find they have to be higher then when bulking, but I think it is very individual. I recomend just take what you normally would take on a bulking cycle (dosage wise) and go from there.

Heres a tip. Tren and Eq will make you a freak. Add in Femara at 2.5 mg per day and your set. Nothing else to do but suffer the diet and cardio. If you have the experience and technical know how, add in some test at a low dose to keep your system running. Just make sure you have the anti- e’s going and you might want a light dose of diuretic before the show. If this is just your trial run a year before the show, then it might be worth trying.