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Pre-Contest Caliper Readings


I'm interested in the caliper readings of competitive members taken during the last week or so before contest.



Proprietary Information.......?


Interested as well, I'd also be interested in the chest skinfold


I'm guessing very few people have actually done this. I am very curious as well.


JM got underwater tested and calipered and bod pod before or after his competition. Though I can't find the thread or article


Calipers need a certain amount of bodyfat to be even readable. So I think you will find it rally hard to find a competitor anywhere that even does that. If your at single digit bf levels it is almost impossible to get a skin fold reading. It's accuracy is dependant on the competency of the measurer, so when your almost fat free the reading is going to be very inaccurate and totally reliant on the competency of the tester.