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Pre-Comp Cut Cycle


I’ll give the sub q injects a go with the test base and see if I can make that work. Sub q is just into spot with fat and at a 45 degree angle with a slin needle from what my fiancé says (she’s an RN). Good call on getting 29G with larger 1ml barrels.


That’s my whole point is that it’s not really pro tips or short cuts. It’s just putting in the work and discipline everyday. I did the same holy grail recomp your talking about. You don’t need nearly that much stuff. I’ve done one blast of test at 600 and deca at 300 and the rest of the time I’ve been on nothing or 200-250 test. That’s it. I’d really consider saving some of the gear for down the road when gains are much more difficult to achieve.

You’d be surprised what you can achieve on as little at 200mg test. Here’s a good example from about 2 years ago until now. Second picture is 15 lbs lighter


Great job, man! That’s really impressive, especially for a first show. Really outstanding work my friend.


Thanks man! I appreciate it. Tomorrow starts back on a decent structured diet again. I’ve been a gluttonous fool for the past 24hrs!


Man, you look outstanding! Okay so I need to ask how long was your diet close to or at zero carbs leading up to the show? Two weeks? Three? Also, when did you carb load? Two or three days out? And how much chicken/fish/lean red meat did you consume ED during your cut?

My plan was to carefully track my macros with a close eye on sugars, fats, and carbs and restrict my carbs over a 12 week cycle dropping about 50 grams of carbs every 2 weeks until I was 2 or 3 weeks out from the show and then be at zero carbs (or as close as possible). Finishing with a carb load 72 hrs out so I’ll have the muscle pop without the water between the skin and muscle.

I’m all ears for your suggestions here because this is somewhat of a pain point for me and you killed it on your diet. Your pictures say it all. That’s some of the best definition and conditioning possible. Kudos brother!


I’ll respond in detail in the morning but to be short and sweet I never dipped under 100 carbs. I didn’t carb load either. I just was smart and consistent. I cut fat and didn’t play games. I’ll go into more detail tomorrow, but tonight is the day after the show and after dieting for 16 weeks I’ve had margaritas and need to sleep!


Hey now_i_care, thanks for everything brother, I really appreciate all of the time you spent setting me straight and advising me. Thank you man!


Hey Jack,

How many years between the 2 pics? Looks like about 3 inches in Hair Time" LOL :joy:

Hope you know I’m just busting your balls. I’m starting to thin out on top and considering a #1 all over my head!


About 2 years


Seriously?? DAYUM! That is an incredible change.


I think so. So let’s see… pic 1 July 2017. Started lifting September 2017. So I guess it’s not really two years… more like 18 months


My plan involved high protein, low fat, and moderate carbs. 16 weeks in total. I started with 325 protein, 200 carbs, and less than 50 fat. We tracked measurements, skinfold, weight, and macros and made adjustments as necessary to keep progress rolling. By the time I got on stage is was doing 275 protein, 125 carbs, and around 25-30 fat. 50% protein from food, 50% from whey. Three days out cut out all powders, and did all protein from food. Carbs were brown rice, oatmeal, and potatoes. Cut out potatoes about 6 weeks out. Veggies were green beans, broccoli, cucumber, and zucchini.

My whole prep is pretty well documented on my log if you want to read all about it. I kept volume high with my workouts and the last four weeks or so did 30 minutes of fasted cardio 7 days per week.

Lots of supplements but pretty minimal AAS. TRT dose and sermorelin.

Last few weeks was boiled chicken no seasoning, no salt added green beans and brown rice. Egg whites and oatmeal in the morning. Check out my log and you can read all about it. It’s called jackolees t transformation log


Oh man @jackolee I looked at your log,it’s got tons of good meal and diet info. Thanks a lot man! I’ll use your log a a reference and aim for that with my diet.

Any pointers on where to get posing advice? YouTube? And how hard was it to do the musical routine? How did you do it and what did it consist of?

I thought I saw the video of you on stage posing to music but my poses are significantly different because I’ll be in the classic physique category. What are the judges looking for in the musical routine?


I did physique not classic. You need to find a posing coach. Develop a routine and then practice a ton. Good posing is really important. I’d ask other competitors who they used. It’s not cheap though. I payed $70 per 1/2 he session.