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Pre-Built Workouts for an Intermediate?


Great site..loads of info! But I was curious if there was some pre-built workout routines on here for an itermediate guy? Thanks!


use the search function... oh and welcome





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Matt Kroc says, "The perfect program is like bad blowjob, it doesn't exist."

Take that to heart in your quest.


The key factors for finding what program works best for you is frequency of bodypart training and volume.

Basically, there are usually two main groups. One responds better to brevity/frequency, the other responds better to higher volume/less frequency. One group of people tend to do better training their muscle groups directly roughly twice a week. Another group of people tend to do better training their muscle groups once a week (and maybe some parts twice/week).

Each group trains their muscle groups with roughly 8-12 sets per week (sometimes up to 16 sets or more if intensity is low). So for the twice a week group, in chest workout 1, they could do two "max" sets of upper chest, two "max" sets of middle chest and repeat in workout 2 (so this is roughly 8 sets per week for chest). The larger "body parts" like back/legs will get more sets because of the more exercises needed to hit them. For the once a week group, they may do the same but condense the two workouts into one (8-12 sets).

If you are intermediate, you should have a good idea how your body responds. If not, try both methods for a while - if your strength stagnates when directly hitting most bodyparts once a week, then you're a "frequency" trainer.

I believe that most trainees fall into the brief/frequent category (directly hitting muscle groups every 5 days or so). A two or three way split is good to start with (e.g. upper/lower for the two way, and legs/chest + bi's/back + tri's for the three way). There are many variations for these splits (more for the three way). For those with time limitations they would be better sticking to the two way and doing it 4 times per week, as opposed to the three way which needs to be done at least 4 times per week.