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Pre-Blood Test


I am going to the doctor thursday to get a blood test. Does anyone have any suggestions of what or what not to do before going in. I don't want to do anything to spike my test levels. I would appreciate any advice.


just follow your typical routine. why would you want to change your routine just for the blood test and get potentially misleading results?


I'm curious about this, too. I don't want to change my routine to alter the test results but since there are many factors that affect hormone levels is there a better time of day to have the tests done? For example:

-Should you test while fasted?
-Should you abstain from sex before being tested? If so, for how long?
-When is testosterone typically higher during the day? When is it lower?

The reason I ask is because my testosterone levels have hovered around the bottom normal mark before. When my results came back just barely below range my doctor and I both thought TRT was a worthwhile consideration. The doc ordered a retest to be sure. The retest showed T levels just within normal range and that's where the conversation ended.

How can I time my blood test to maximize the chance of a low T score so my doc will consider TRT? Any advice is greatly appreciated.



The latest appointment time the lab offers would likely give oyu the lowest T value.

Keep in mind that the time of the test is indicated on your labwork, so unless your doc is an idiot (quite possible), then they're not likely to fall for it.

Methods you can use to temporarily lower your T value were written in an article on here called "Your Doctor Your Dealer". You can probably search and find it.

Methods included: getting shitfaced before your test. Not sleeping for a day prior. Eating soy.