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Pre-blended shakes at work?

It’s proving to be a real hassle to chow down bodybuilding meals on short breaks during an 8 hour work day so I was wondering weather or not pre-blending shakes with Grow(what else!) with stuff like peanut butter, cottage cheese etc would be an option. The main concern of course is the shake lasting 6 hours or so and retaining it’s correct minronutirent profile beacuse i’ve seen on some protein lables they urge to consume the protein drink within 5 minuits. If it’s any help they have a fridge at work which may contribute to the shakes freshness. The cost of full MRP’s is ridiculous for me to be considering those so this is the only option I can see at the moment. If this sounds like a real amature question please let me know what you workers do for nutrition on fucking stop-watched timed short meal breaks(bastard managers), thanks.

Should be fine in the fridge, just might need a little stirring. Don’t blend in fruit though. Sometimes causes shakes to congeal. Every tried Grow! in yogurt? Very good. Like a pudding. I buy big containers of yogurt, mix in a few scoops of low carb Grow! and eat up at work.

It’s called a shaker cup. Get one. How long are your breaks? You should be getting a long break in the middle since you are working 8 hours a day.

Where does peanut butter fit in the massive eating protocol? anybody know if it fits in a p+f or p+c meal???

Alex, In my experience pre-blended shakes get funky really fast, although I have never tried Grow! pre-blended. Also, what do you mean by “The cost of full MRP’s is ridiculous for me to be considering?” Most MRP’s, or something like you would get in a packet, is about the same as a serving of Grow! although it might not have the same great proteins. I like Nytro-Pro 40. They are about 2-bucks a packet. Pretty cheap considering. Also, Myoplex is really expensive, and if you buy MRP’s at your local store they will be more expensive, so buy online. If you mean the ready-to-drink variety, yes those are more expensive, and it has been said that they aren’t as quality. Someone else can add to that. Good question though, as most of the challenge in bodybuilding for me is fitting in six healthy meals a day. Jeff

i have been doing protein shakes for at least 2 years consistantly. This year i started mixing whey isolate and casein together. I have the blend without a refrigirator for more then 5 hours and it does not go bad. Now i mix the proteins with water, not milk or any dirivative. since you have a fridge then you can go with that option. You will definitely get good results by sipping your protein throghout your workday. laters pk

I make my shakes up in the morning and then take them to work in a flask. Put the empty flask in the freezer over night, leave the top off. Blend the shake up with ice and it’s fine all day. I don’t use an MRP though, just blend oats,bananas,cottage cheese,whey and a small dab of flax and chug it down.

Thats a good question about peanut butter, a good all-natural brand has a lot a protein and fat and a medium/small amount of carbs but not excessive. This would make it a better P+F. This would be my only food substance that crossed board and you know it’s winter and time to bulk up so what the hell.

The MRP’s I try not to buy beacuse they are expensive and I know I’ll mix one up instead of preparing food(not good) so I tend to aviod due to laziness. I like the Grow yoghert idea beacuse bodybuilding is crying out for more desert ideas.

Another question, if you have only one main break during the middle of your shift how do you eat 2-3 hours a day. I personally sneak off to the toilets with my shaker!

Another option for those that do not have access to a fridge, is to freeze the shake overnight. I take it out before my am workout, and it is thawed and cool by my mid-afternoon meal (~3:00) Of course this is only necessary when making a shake containing milk, yogurt, or something else that needs to be kept cool.

I bring a shaker to work with me, and I just eat my cottage cheese, banana, etc. by themselves. Although I have thought about buying a small blender for the breakroom we have so I can finish my meals quicker. Anyway, Alex the Great, buy a shaker, it works good for me and you don’t have to worry about any breakdown of the nutrients in the MRP.

i make a large grow shake before work in the morning and bring it with me, place it in the fridge at work… stays good all day.

The places I’ve worked typically had a break 2-3 hours in, lunch 4-5 hours in, and another break a couple hours after lunch. That’s been typical in the past and also happens to be my current schedule. To address my eating/bodybuilding needs, I use an Igloo Playmate, three large cups with lids, a special shaker cup, and I think 8 freezer thingies that you can refreeze every night. I fill the Igloo with my lunch, two protein shakes, and a large cup of milk (to go with my lunch). If I end up eating out with someone for lunch, I try to have a large portion of some sort of meat and (you guessed it) milk with my meal. I don’t use MRP’s for my protein shakes because I consider them expensive versus the ones I make myself. They usually have garbage carbs and a macronutrient profile I dislike. The ones I’ve used also had a lot of aspartame which is bad for brain cells and personally gives me headaches.

I use a coffee thermos, and it lasts just about all day. Just rinse it out after use.

All the shake ideas are great, but how long are your breaks? I can easily put away a tupperware container full of food (600-700 calories worth, in some instances) in 5 minutes or less on my breaks at work. Eat faster if you have to!