Pre-Bed Meals

I’m a bit confused about something. I’ve searched through the Forums and the articles and found that many people eat cottage cheese and LC Grow before bed. I know you are supposed to eat a P+F meal before bed, so wouldn’t the carbs from the cottage cheese be a negative? The CC I buy has 6 per 1/2 cup, and I usually eat a cup of CC with a scoop of LC Grow. I am currently doing T-Dawg 2.0, so does this fit? Also, when eating a P+F meal during the day, how many extra carbs are allowed? I really enjoy peanut sauce with my chicken breasts, as it is a good source of fat and protien, but it has a small amount of carbs (2-3 per serving I believe). Is this ok?

The general rule is not to go over 10g of carbs with your P+f meals. Try and keep it as close to that as you can and you will be fine.

So go with a half cup of cottage cheese, then add a fat source for the extra k/cals and to further slow the digestion.


i try to keep my CHO at 10-15g or less with P+F meals

My CC has 4 per half cup. But a few carbs over is no big deal. As long as you’re not eating a ton of carbs before bed, you’ll be fine. My pre-bed shake has 6 or 7 counting the low carb Grow.

10-15 grams of carbs is by no means a big deal when you are consuming a high protein good fat meal. laters pk