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Pre-Bed Meal When Cutting


When cutting, what is the consensus on pre-bed meals? I am currently having Cottage cheese, Low-Carb Grow!, and some fish oil. In the morning, Low-Carb Grow! and coffee fueled cardio.



On a cut, I make it pretty simple. About 40 grams of protein (whey & casin powder mixed with water) and a couple tablespoons of flax or olive oil.

It will be interesting to see what others do.


2 Scoops Casin protein w/water, 3 fish oils, 2 fiber chews( got the idea from Shugs)


Yeah,my meal is a little bit like that.I ususally have two scoops of casein/whey mix protein powder,2 flaxseed oil tablets,and one cup of either skim or almond milk,so that my shake tastes good.


Grow! and Good fats bulking or cutting just the amount changes for the goals.


Give your thoughts man - What do you do for the cut, and what do you do for the bulk?


Well depends its simple like I said sorry h]ust more when buling and less whne not.

Like Now. Im adding mass. I am having two sacoops of Grow and a 1/4 cup of nuts. Just onder 400 k/cals

During a cut I may just cut out a scoop of Grow! or some nuts if needed. 250-300 k/cals.