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Pre and Pwo Shakes, Anabolic Diet

I was wonder what all you guys are using for pre and pwo shakes for a cut diet? Post them up!!!

I still use Surge when “cutting” (losing fat/weight). I minimize my carbs elsewhere, only eat green veggies, some almonds (but 80% of those are fiber), and flax meal (all fiber).

If you want to cut out even the carbs in Surge, you could do 40g whey with 20g glutamine (to help replenish glycogen).

I’m not sure if fretting the carb content of Surge is overrated for the Anabolic Diet.

I mean, the point is your body CAN tolerate those carbs immediately PWO, right?

Also, what is the point in using glutamine again instead of just another fast-asborbing carb source?

Maybe 20g glutamine, some glycine (start with a small dose, people have GI issues with high doses) and 10g BCAA would be a good choice.

I just don’t think 1 serving of Surge on a workout day would knock you off the AD wagon. Maybe I’m being naive, as I don’t have experience with the AD.

Lately I’ve been making my own mixes .

Pre - 15 g whey, 5 g taurine, 5 g creatine, 5 g BCAA

During - 15-20 g BCAA

After - 30 g Goat isolate, 20-25g gutamine, 5 g glycine, tangerine, 5 g BCAA, 5 g creatine.

That’s my cutting formula. If I was bulking, I’d probably do a 1:1 ratio of maltodextrin and dextrose for about 30g worth after the workout instead of the glutamine and tangerine, and then eat 30 more grams worth of carbs throughout the day in the form of fruits and veggies.

Is that based off the Supplementation for Newbies article, Whey Man? Sounds like it.

I think I might spring for a bottle or two of BCAA but since I’m a beginner I’m not sure how much immediate benefit I’d notice from their intake.