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Pre And Post Workout Supplements

I usually work out in the morning, right after waking up (and sometimes before I wake up :)) and therefore drink a whey protein drink right before my workout. After searching T-Nation extensively it seems to be common knowledge that if you are training in the morning you should ingest protein before your workout.

This is also supported by articles such as www.bodybuilding.com/fun/berardi67.htm .

My question is mainly about post workout supplements. I read these two articles -


They seem to suggest that I drink something post workout too to avoid going into a prolonged catabolic state.

Should I just drink another whey protein shake and just let it be or should I look into something else? The protein I use is Optimum Nutrition 100% whey Gold Standard.


your onkel

Whey is good, but I’d add in some carbs and BCAA too. You can do that yourself or you can buy something premixed like Surge.