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Pre and Post-Workout Stacks

ok ive got a whey protein powder, a creatine powder, and a waxy maize powder, but i need some help with how i should stack them pre and post workout in terms of how much of each or just 2 of the three or whatever and when. please and thank you

For me I would prolly do 25 grams of whey, 40 grams wm, 3 grams creatine 20 min before AND 15 or 20 min after.

If you had to pick before or after I’d go with before.

thanks man and i will definitely do both

Ive had success with:
Pre-workout shake:
1 cup orange juice
1/2 cup mixed berries and/or a banana
20g whey
20g waxymaize
1 T peanut butter
3-5g creatine

Adjust accordingly depending on your goals and caloric needs.

I recommend equal parts carbs/protein. Minimally 20g/20g, but Ive gone as high as 50/50 and another 3-5g creatine.