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pre and post workout shakes

I have been told by a trainer that I need a whey protein isolate before workout and whey protein concentrate after. Another thing can fruit juice supply the carbs you need in your post workout shake. Another thing do i still take to shakes on non workout days.

Didn’t you ask this question the other day and were given several good articles to read? If so, then read them and stop being such a lazy bastard.

If that wasn’t you, then read “Solving the Post-workout Puzzle” by John Berardi and “The Battle of the Proteins” by Cy Willson to start with. You can find these at T-mag with the search engine.

Read this article www.testosterone.net/articles/186nutri.html and all of your questions will be answered.

A small protein/carb meal about an hour or two prior to training and Surge for post-workout. YOU CAN DO IT!

Dude, youve gotta be fucking kidding me, this clown told you to use whey concentrate??!! I hope you don’t mind shitting yourself every so often after you ingest that trash. What rationale could he possibly have for recommending isolate (very good) before working out, and lactose laden concentrate (very bad) afterwards which AT BEST would be 79% protein and most likely only 34 or 50%. haha, maybe he should get a new day job! Fructose, yes PURE fructose or fruit juice (no extra sugar added stuff) can quickly replenish spent liver glycogen after a workout, but this as a stand alone is far too simplistic, you still need maltodextrin and dextrose to replenish muscle glycogen.

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Eddie, sorry man, didnt mean to cause this confusion. will do from now on.