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Pre and Post-Workout Carbs

Hey coach,
What amount of carbs do you recommend pre and post workout? I currently take 1 scoop of Syntha-6 protein powder (15g carbs) pre-workout and 1 scoop of Syntha-6 (15g carbs), 1 scoop of JetMass (13g carbs) and a banana post workout.
Bodyweight is 265 lbs.

It’s a hard question to answer because many different variables come into play.

  • Your size
  • The volume of your workout (more volume requires more carbs)
  • The type of training in your workout (bodybuilding work requires more carbs than heavy , low reps lifting; Crossfit requires more carbs than bodybuilding, etc.)
  • The amount of carbs in the rest of your diet (if you are low-zero carbs the rest of the day you will need more carbs peri-workout, if you have plenty of carbs you won’t need as much, especially post-workout)
  • How insulin sensitive you are (the more sensitive you are the more carbs you can have)
  • Are you trying to gain strength/size or get leaner? If you are trying to gain size, how much fat are you willing to add in the process.

Answer these and I’ll be able to give you a better answer.

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