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Pre and Post Cardio Nutrition

I am well aware of the importance of eating before and after lifting. However I was wondering if anyone has any info on whether you should eat before and, or after doing a cardio workout.
Thanks in Advance

Well, it significantly depends on the intensity and volume of the exercise session and it depends on what your goals are. If performance during the activity is the main goal, then pre and during workout nutrition plays a huge role. If fat loss is key, then pre-workout nutrition should probably be avoided.

Overall, it is a very open ended question. Whey protein and simple carbs like dextrose and maltodextrin are probably your best shot for post exercise nutrition. The quantity will significantly depend on exercise intensity.

I think the key is intensity. If you’re going to do a light w/o, probably no. But, if you’re running 4 mi. in 24 min., yes. A good dose of Surge afterward would be good IMO. High intensity (or length, rather) cardio breaks down muscle; witness medium and LD runners’ physiques.