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Praying for Pookie


We can't let Prof X have ALL the fun! If you are a T-Nation Christian and wish to join me in prayers for the immortal soul of Pookie, then answer this thread.

And please, no jokes about 'praying for poontang' instead!



And in all seriousness I ask, who is Pookie?


I slaughtered two chickens, smeared my bare chest in the blood, and spun around three times while chanting, "Pookie!Pookie!"

Hope that helps.


Pookie is a devout atheist who roams about in the Politics threads and has
a devotion to bashing Christians. He does this with his ribald wit and perspicacity.


Psh, thats nothing... Barney fife

Wore nothing OD'ed on yohimbe, put on a kilt, smeared his body in deers blood and ran around in traffic busting peoples car windows with a sledgehammer.


Sounds like a good first date...wait, wrong forum...

"In all seriousness", to quote margarer cho, let me pray a blessing on pookie that the Lord above will rain a plentitude of bricks, hailstones and the occasional Steinway upright down upon him from the heavens.


I suspect, that if there is a heaven, that Pookie is more likely to end up there than the holier than thou idolatrists we have around these parts.

Be well saint Pookie.


aahhhhmmaannnnnaaaaa, followed by gregorian chanting........still more chanting.........now some deep dark organ music.....and still more chanting.more incense please, i can still breath.


is there really a purpose to this besides antagonizing him more?


I agree. Your prayers are your business, between you and God.


I think I'm gonna call a Tube Steak Boogie here. My first one!


Why? Do you want Pookie to suffer? Also, wasn't the call for Christians to pray for him? Are you guys Christians?

C'mon, gents, where are the prayers?


Yes, I am, but see the statement above.

Also, it didn't sound too serious from the original tone. Maybe my bad.


Because this isn't the place or the best way to go about it in my opinion. Personally I find the thread offensive, and I am not pookie. While your intentions are most likely good, it sends a negative message.

As a side note why single out one member of the atheist in T-Nation?

Shoot why not throw in the whole board? include me while we are at it since I openly admit I would be considered a heretic by almost every denomination in one way or another.

please don't be offended by this, but I think this thread is up there with the prof. x, and the zeb threads. boarderline tasteless.


I think your opinion of suffering differs alot from pookie's. And no, I am not a christian, but you guys aren't atheists and that didn't stop you from posting on our thread now did it?


I think I disagree a little bit, the Prof X threads have something the other threads lack.

It is hard to put a finger on it, but I think it is there..


I pray you shut the fuck up and stop wasting valuable bandwidth on immensely unfunny shit.


I agree.




Here I try to organise a little thoughtful prayer for our ardent atheist Pookie, and I'm getting flamed! Man, try to do someone a favor!

Sure, it was lighthearted but who says prayer has to be all dour? Didn't the Protestants have a thing called the Reformation because of stuff like that (among many other things)?

You try to be NICE and some people...