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Prayers for Frank McGrath


Hey guys, Frank was in a serious Car accident about 6 weeks ago. He got T-Boned and his arm ended up going through his car window, causing a huge gash that had to be closed. Doctors had to remove his spleen and he was in ICU. He's dropped like 40 lbs since the accident. I saw him come in to the gym late at night last week and talked to him. He says he's going to come back, and is talking about doing a comeback story with Animal Pak.

So if you guys could just keep him in your prayers, he said he really appreciates it.



That's terrible news. Prayers for a swift recovery.

The guy is a machine - I'm betting he pulls through this like a champ.


If this was 6 weeks ago, how is he doing now?


Yow! that sounds horrible. Hopefully he'll make a full recovery, people always seemed to speak highly of the man.

I remember Samir Bannout getting into a pretty bad car accident, and supposedly the doctors told him that all his 'bulk' is what prevented him from ending up 'a lot worse'.



Yea - they said the same thing about Flex Wheeler after his horrific car accident. His mass helped protect him from greater internal trauma....


Just imagine that - 40 lbs. He is noticeably smaller then before, still way bigger then me and probably 95% of my gym, but it is very apparent that he's lost some weight.


I'm surprised, because I heard that sort of mass is dysfunctional despite preventing death or even worse injury.


Wow thanks for letting us know......I know Frank personally he grew up just down the road from me, I didn't hear about this until now, my prayers and thoughts are with him and his family


Oh shit... I hope he can make a full comeback... He more or less dropped under the radar after his tricep tear, and now this.

Good luck to Frank.


I saw him at my gym yesterday. He seemed to be in good spirits and of course he looked great. It seems like he's right on track, good luck Frank.
EDIT-He did obviously seem a fair bit smaller, but he looked amazing despite his accident, he was kicking ass in the gym and I doubt it will take him long to get back to his former physique.


I'm just hoping that with his spleen removed he will still be able to push as hard as he was before the accident.


I'm just hoping that with his spleen removed he will still be able to push as hard as he was before the accident.


Man, I hope he makes a full recovery and move forward with his career.

BTW, which gym do you train at?



Poor guy, I hope he gets better soon.


Here's hoping he comes back bigger and better.


I rotate between the La Fitness on Steeles and Kennedy and the one at Airport and Bovaird. Both are in Brampton


I bet he will be even popular now! so the formula goes accordingly for any up and coming BB -

1)Get in accident.
2)lose muscle.
3)Record gaining of lost muscle.
4)Watch the Monies and sponsers roll in like hot cakes.


Yea I train at Brampton South, I see him there pretty often.


L.O.L Since when is it dysfunctional to avoid serious injury, or even death? :wink:

EDIT: He'll be in my prayers. Pray for his swift recovery! The beast will be back!


You must be on par with Sheldon Cooper for detecting Sarcasm