Prayer for the dying

Godbless everyone who has passed on from this tragedy and to the families who lost their loved ones in this horrible attack. Love, peace, compassion, and strengh to everyone.


I live 40 miles from NYC in the mountains of Northern New Jersey.
Tuesday afternoon I climbed a mountain 1/2 mile away from my
home. I sat there perched on the summit, which offers a stunning
panoramic view of Greenwood Lake to the north and breathtaking
view o the NYC skyline to the south. The two most notable
land marks were the Empire State Building and the Twin Towers.
This sojourn usually brings me great peace, but today I openly wept
in dismay at the horror I viewed from a distance. A mushroom cloud
vividly appeared on the horizon where the World Center once stood,
It remained almost motionless, like a fearful apocalyptic portrait fixed
in time. I sat there a long while as I thought about the thousands
who would never see their loved ones again and about how really
fragile and impermanent life is. I left with a single thought
that if enough of us pray for peace, that which we call God will
bring it to pass.

Let’s Pray for “GOD’S WILL TO BE DONE.”
There can be no mistake in that!!!