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Prayer Before Gym


I'm curious but is there anyone else out there that prays or meditates before going into the weightroom...

What is your pre-workout mental ritual that gets you in the mindset to slide under, push or lift several hundred pounds?

I know myself that I visualize lifting throughout the day before actually leaving work and it primes my mindset quite well to trash the weights... And my co-workers call me focused LOL

This doesn't work so well with my cardio days, however :stuck_out_tongue:

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I meditate to clear away anything that may be an impedance, visualize a successfull lift, then focus on the lift so that nothing else in the room even exists.

I also know thers that pray or have their own rituals both pre workout and just before the lift.

Seems prety common.


I pray all the time but that's just me


My preworkout ritual is to go around my gym kicking all the bosu balls into a corner.

This is especially cleansing when someone is doing inverted bent-over semi-pronated hang curls on one of them.


Yep, I do, not to help me w/lifting, other than being grateful to be strong and have the body able to actually lift hard. But mainly just general prayer, during my warm-up. Such a busy sched that I can jog the tread or do the bike and pray at the same time.


Well, I'm a secular humanist, but "please god, let me not drop this on my head" has always worked for me.


I don't pray before or during lifting, but I do have a pre-workout ritual that I am very unhappy if it gets disturbed. I assume most to all serious lifters have one.


Lifting weights is my meditation. Most of my clients feel the same way.

I don't care if I get interrupted though, I enjoy everything about lifting. I try to keep it all positive.

Helps that I don't work out at a commercial gym for that. 100% less hot chicks, but 100% less annoying dudes using stuff I need.