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Pray for New Orleans...


Any members of T-Nation down there, I hope you're already out of town, out of harms way. This storm is going to wreck one of the most amazing and historical cities in America. And God knows how much more of the Gulf Coast is going to be smashed as well.


Im in Baton Rouge and we are all ready to ride this baby out . I hope that loss of life will be minimal with this storm. But for now I gotta head, time to put everything that can be thrown about by the wind .


I agree, keep the people of the city in your prayers.. even the damn fool people who think they are going to ride it out.

The thing is vicious. Just looking at the satellite pictures you can TELL its vicious. I'm kind of into weather myself, and honestly, that thing is about the most perfectly formed hurricane I've ever seen. The eye is perfectly round, and completely clear. In an evil and mother nature is a crazy ass bitch kind of way, its almost beautiful.

If you are in New Orleans, and haven't left yet, get out NOW. As I write this, it aint too late. I hope the city will just experience some flooding but I'm afraid it may be a lot worse. Here is what one meteorologist wrote on his blog:

"I put the odds of New Orleans getting its levees breached and the city submerged at about 70%. This scenario, which has been discussed extensively in literature I have read, could result in a death toll in the thousands, since many people will be unable or unwilling to get out of the city.

I recommend that if you are trapped in New Orleans tomorrow, that you wear a life jacket and a helmet if you have them. High rise buildings may offer good refuge, but Katrina has the potential to knock down a high-rise building. A 25 foot storm surge and 30 - 40 foot high battering waves on top of that may be able to bring down a steel-reinforced high rise building.

I don't believe a high rise building taller than six stories has ever been brought down by a hurricane, so this may not happen Monday, either. We are definitely in unknown waters with Katrina."

In short all bets are off.


FEMA said earlier today that any wooden structures in the city and surrounding areas would most likely be destroyed. Most reinforced concrete and brick building would suffer roof falure, possible wall failure. Any items not tied down are going to be picked up and thrown around including appliances and some small cars.

The idea that scares me the most is the fact that no one can say for sure if those large office buildings, some in NO over 30 stories, are going to be able to withstand 150 to 160 mph SUSTAINED straight winds for 3 or 4, maybe more, hours.

Flooding is a foregone conclusion, but factor in one or two thirty story building collapsing as well. We could see the end of New Orleans.


Stay safe tonight man. Tie it all down, maybe the car as well.


I think the city will be OK if the levees hold up. The pumps in new orleans are pretty effective - if it floods, it will come back. But if the levees actually BREAK (remember, NO is below sea level, and only levees hold back the Mississippi and the lake), then the lake and or the Missississippi will simply pour into the city.

In that case, the city will be under 15 feet of water and apparently without water / electric / sewage for MONTHS.

If the levees don't break, it will be a mess no doubt, but the city will survive more or less in some form.

The forecaster I mentioned seems to think there is a 70% chance the levees will in fact break. Not a bad guess - I'm not sure what kind of cement wall can withstand a 28 foot wall of water slamming and pouring over it without crumbling.

One possible saving grace is that the hurricane appears as though it may go a little right of NO. The strongest winds are in the RIGHT front quadrant, and NO may well be to the left of the eye. If this is the case it may be a little better - though it will still push the lake into the city.

We'll just have to wait and see - but it doesn't look good. NO is just in a really vulnerable spot. Its one of those cities that "shouldn't even be there" its just kept up by engineering works. Which is great, till mother nature gets a stick up her butt and decides to let the river do what it wants to.


I'll try and keep you guys up to date on how things go here .Baton Rouge is about 70 miles from N.O so we shouldent get hit toooo bad but as soon as we get power back (certian were gonna lose it at some point )I will post a report of the actual damage done rather than what you will here on the news .


Good luck to our friends in NOLA!


All the best, Nator. Hope to read from you soon!


hopefully they aren't around to read your email haha if they are they need to GET OUT ASAP!!


I just returned to Baton Rouge, the damage within city is light to moderate. There are still about 40,000 people without power, but the city and the local power companies are on top of it.

As for New Orleans, well it is looking bleak. The levee did breach and further damage to it is a major concern. From local news reports the damage has been described as if the Mississippi River has reclaimed the lower part of the state south of New Orleans. About half of the pumps in the city of New Orleans failed about noon on Monday, causing water to rise significantly and quickly.

Current updates state that the evacuees located in the New Orleans Superdome are to be relocated elsewhere due to a burst water main which caused the water to again rise to knee-depth. Also the sewers have backed up and are currently mixing with the flood water run-off bringing up major health concerns. The Coast Guard and other military services are currently performing search and rescue operations. These parishes are under martial law. No one is allowed into the New Orleans area and there is no timeline for when they can return. Interstate 10 has major damage to it and other state highways that access the New Orleans area are under water.


Don't worry at all: I'm sure all the countries we've helped in the past are lining up now to give us some help during this time. Let's see, we can certainly count on ....hmmmm....


We left saturday and while it was a bit of traffic, not too bad. I live on the Westbank across the river from the City and no pictures yet of our home. Have my wife, kids, cat, wedding and baby pictures, insurance paperwork, checkbooks and credit cards, creatine, jump stretch bands, and a 2 board. Had to leave my bag of Pl gear in the trunk of my other car.

Hanging in there, and meeting lots of other refugees at the hotel who are all nice people. God help those who stayed.

A Lesson in Perspective



Pray for New Orleans ... only those who believe, that is.


The damage is catastrophic.

This looks like the worst natural disaster I have ever seen in our country.


You know I was just thinking about that. We just went through something
comparable to the tsunami last year, 1.2 million people or more are going to be effectively homeless for a while. Over 100 dead so far.

So wheres our "allies" stepping up to send help?


Besides prayers ( which are always a good idea) all local Salvation Armys are collecting blankets and clothing to be sent. The Red Cross also needs checks- even if you only send $5.00 . We have many clients and fans to Charles that live in those areas hit and surrounding. Our hearts and prayers go out to all affected by this tragedy.- Julianne


Hope to hear that all T-Nation members and their families down there are safe and sound.

I've been watching the coverage the past two days, and the amount of damage is hard to believe.

My girlfriend's cousin attends Tulane, and he just made it out in time.

Scary stuff, and again I hope everyone's okay.


Having been through Andrew in the early 1990's and now living on the West coast of Florida and contending with the massive threats that we faced last year, I can offer the following:

  • If you have been directly impacted, keep the faith. Rebuilding takes time and determination, but it happens. Things that have been lost are replaceable. If friends/family have been lost, you have my sincerest condolences.

  • If you haven't been directly impacted, get involved. These things bring out the best in people as well as the worst. As a T-Nation devotee, I have faith that this community represents the best. Make a donation - even $1 can help someone.


Jack, glad to hear that you and your family are safe.