Pray for missing paramedics...

This morning, an air ambulance flight with two of my paramedic friends and a pilot went missing en route to the Hilo Airport. The coast guard and fire department just called off today’s search after being unable to find them. I have seen firsthand all the truly heroic acts these men have done every day. I truly believe in the power of prayer. If everyone could please say a good, strong prayer tonight that they will be found alive, and please pray for the rescue teams that they locate them expiditiously. Please everyone pray to God to watch over and protect them, and to guide the rescue teams to them, that they will be returned home safely. Thank-you.

China Doll, will do. Keep us posted>

They are in my prayers.


THANK-YOU SOOOO MUCH YOU GUYS. Every single prayer counts. I hope that with everyone praying for them, they will be found alive. The search was called off last night at sundown, and was resumed this morning at sunup. It seems that they may have landed somewhere in the dense rainforests of the Big Island. If anyone would survive, it would be them. Both are T-men, are very physically fit, and have the utmost in survival skills. They also have lifepacks, medicines, IV supplies and all the medical equipment needed to handle any possible injuries. Please hold onto hope for them, and continue to pray to God to protect our selfless heroes and bring them home safely.

Just did. No time like the present.