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Pray for me!

I have a wedding to go to today and the only good pair of khakis that i have were tight when i weighed 245. I weigh 258 now. God be with me. This may be worse than putting on a squat suit. In fact i might see if i can squat in my khakis in my next meet.

I think we’re gonna need a picture of this Goldie.

I feel for you dude.

I’m in a branch of service that changes it’s uniform style twice a year. For six months, one uniform style hangs idle in the closet anxiously awaiting the spring/fall when it can worn again.

Imagine my dismay earlier this spring when I inhaled deeply in order to button up trousers that were used to me being 16 bills lighter…

Your post hits close to home


Pray for you? Sounds like it’s the pants that need our help more than anything. . . I wish them my best and hope that they’re up to the task you’re presenting them with. . .

Of courses if you think they’re going to tear you could always run into the bathroom, paint yourself green and make like the Hulk. Given your size and strength you might even get away with it. . . Or they might have you committed. . . Either way nobody is paying much attention to your ripped pants. . .


I’m sure its okay in the IPA!

yeah its always nice when you go to put on your dress clothes that you only bust out once every 2 years and your pants are tighter than a virgin and your collar is so fucking tight that you cant turn your neck to the left to back out of your garage.

 God our father, forgive our sins and those of those less fortunate than us...

 WHAT????? You asked us to PRAY right?

Khakis to a wedding?

yes, khakis to a wedding. and i got them on very nicely thanks you. thanks for all of your prayers.

Or, you could go buy a new pair… grin

GB rules.