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Pranks I am doing on this one kid

Instead of quarters on the door locks, use heavy cellophane tape. It’s not visible, it can be removed fairly easily, but it’s still very annoying.

Also diagnostic urine dye tabs are pretty fun too if you can get them. Slip some in his beer and he’ll wonder why he’s pissing blue the next day.

Yorik, that is the greatest idea ever. where the fuck do i get urine diagnostic tabs? I just want to see the look of perplexion as he walks out of the bathroom.

Are you sure this guy will want to be your friend after? If you did this to me, even if i desereved it, i would kick the crap out of you, esp. if you were to nut in my shampoo. My idea though is you should tea bag him. If you dont know what that is ask and ill let you know.

Just ask him out. You’ll have a much higher chance of scoring with him that way. All these pranks are sure to turn him off. You are obsessed and in love with him right? Why go through all the trouble if you aren’t is what I figure.

Have you also considered vaseline on his car windows? If you can get close enough to him, most likely by way of a female, then orajel in the tip of his penis is also a good one…evil, but good.

Icy hot all over the toilet seat would be a good one.

Old Army saying:"Payback is a mother F*@ker.
I had a “business” assoicate that loved to pull practice jokes on everyone. Well, one day I had had enough. I told him that I was going to get him back in a really big way. Heck, I even gave him the day I was going to do it.
On the appointed day, he was on egg shells, he jumped at every noise, he did not believe the secertaries when they told him the boss wanted to see him…in short he was a wreck. At the end of the day we all met at the local watering hole and he would not even accept a free drink.
Then he started bragging how I did not get him.
All the other workers broke out laughing and related to him how he had been wacked all day.
The light started to dawn on him and he start to get mad, when in walked the boss and asked him were the hell had he been and hauled in out of the bar.
Needless to saw he reign of pranks ended and I was declared the king.
Just remember that old army saying. ;-).